My baby at about 9 mos old almost died from Hartz

When our Jade (she was a rescue we had gotten at 6 weeks) was just about a year old, we lived in a apt. complex in San Jose that had a pond and therefore had ducks which in turn meant FLEAS. Of course our pug brought them into the apartment and they were BAD. As this was our first dealing with fleas (had just moved from AZ which doesn’t really have a flea problem) we didn’t really know what we were doing and went out & got flea baths, drops & collars. We did both the dog in all 3 methods, all of which were hartz, and did the drops & collar for the cat.

The next morning at about 11am my husband called me to tell me that Jade couldn’t stand up-she was trying to walk and her legs were failing her. We immediatley rushed her to the vet & I left work to find out that HARTZ as well as OTC flea meds for pets are nuerotoxins (spelling??) and that they were attacking her central nervous system. She kept going into seazures and they weren’t having much luck.

We sat there for 3 hrs. while they fed these other drugs into her through an IV to get the seizures to stop & try to flush the other stuff out of her system. They of course had given her a bath as well, but it was slow progress. They had told us that she might not make it through the night & then said that they would be closing & we would have to take her to an all night clinic.

We decided to take her home & they left the IV in just in case we had to rush her to the all night clinic. It was the hardest night I’ve had so far-we din’t have kids yet, so her & our dog are our babies!! She couldn’t stand, was shaking her paws because she couldn’t feel them, had her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth & was drooling all over. The only thing I have ever see to equate it with is a stroke patient. It was a touch and go night, but we made it & she seems to be OK now. This all came in the form of a $400 vet bill in 2005 when this occured.

This is a hard story for me to tell, & I’m quite sure that others have had this experience as well, but thought if it could help just 1 kitty, then I did my job.

BTW, I went back to Petco to confront them on this issue since the vet said it was widely known that Hartz and others are bad for cats in particular, they were very unapologetic, said they did know that this was a common problem, but what could they do…we haven’t been back to a Petco since-how dare they have such little regard for our “furry children” that their business is based upon…

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