hartz 3 in 1 flea spray is DANGEROUS

My daughters cat had a flea problem, and I thought that instead of going to the vets and being told to get a flea srpay or drops, I would just get some at the local store. I picked up a srpay bottle of the 3 in 1 spray, and we put it on him according to the directions. Not even 2 hours later, I noticed him acting- not himself- he was not active, was acting groggy, disoriented, he kept twitching and shaking his back leg as if he was wet, and losing his balance each time. He even jumped up and sat with me, and just leaned against me as if to say, ” I don’t feel good, help me please”. We bathed him immediately, removing, I think, most of the spray ( we will be bathing him again today, to make sure !), and now, this morning, he is much better, walking around, and purring when petted, but still not himself . I hope this story will help at least one person, I wish there was a way to let even more folks know how dangerous these items are that are sold by a company that is suposedly making products for the health and well-being of our beloved family members !!!

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