Neno Kechkarian

I had been using Hartz shampoo on my dogs for months always wondering why they itch so much and are continyously biting themselves all over. After doing some reasearch about my chihuahua’s rash that first started from a Hartz flea collar, and then got SERIOUS from the Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo with Oatmeal, now I have to run to the vet because she is getting these HUGE bumps… almost like welts all over, and mini bites, almost like a human mosquito bite, all over her body. The rash on her neck is the point now where it is full of blood and puss and starting to fall apart… her neck is falling apart thanks to freaking HARTZ! I want to push for a lawsuit against that company I can’t believe they can continue to see products that have killed pets in the past and have had such a bad reputation. I am so furious I have been giving her Benadryl and baby asprin for the past two days to keep her calm and let her get sleep… DO NOT BUY HARTZ ANYTHING! I STRONLY DESPERATELY URGE YOU! Stay the heck away from this company, and I hope they get shut down for being such a careless company…

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