Hartz Puppy Shampoo almost killed my litter of pups

My name is Julie and I have been breeding Toy Fox Terriers for the last few years. I have been a dog owner for the last 12 years and have always used Hartz shampoo with no problems. I have a litter of 8 wk old pups and gave them their first bath with shampoo this past Sat. within 30 mins of that bath my female pup started to vomit. I immediately called the vet and was directed to rewash her with baby shampoo and to keep an eye on her. Within another 30 mins my other 3 pups, one by one, started to vomit and foam at the mouth. Two of the four could not stand and would flop over. Their eyes were bulging and they could not hold their heads up. They all were drooling a thick saliva and one was very lethargic. I rushed them all to the vet. They were immediately taken back and given injections of Robaxion and had activated charcoal and iv’s with fluids administered. I was told I might even lose one of them. Whatever they were reacting to in the shampoo had effected and started to shut down their nervous system. There was even the possibility of permanent brain damage in one of them. They were just a step away from seizures. Fortunately 24 hrs later and a $246.50 vet bill later they have fully recovered. I was told by the vet and a dog groomer since this happened that Hartz products are deadly and to never use them. They do not test their products to ensure the safety of their use on your pets. The product I used was Hartz Puppy Shampoo with Lavendar scent. I went home and threw away all my Hartz products. I hope that by telling stories like this, it will help spread the word about these terrible products and raise pet owner awareness.

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