Lesson Learned

I noticed something was wrong when I bathed my 40lb companion and I had to watch for skin irritation.. After the third wash, I realized that using Hartz Shampoo Flea and Tick was causing the irritation on her skin and it would last for weeks. Her skin was hot and she would not stop scratching. The only relief was to take her to the vets for a cortizone shots.

No More Hartz For US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She hasnt had a problem since I stopped using it…

We were one of the lucky ones!!!!!

Seisure from mice toys

My husband and I have been bewildered by the seisures that have suddently taken over our cat Mocha. We had to find out what could have caused this. I knew that his food was okay since we had to investigate that a while back when he was getting urine infections. Turns out most cat foods are filled with ash, a rock, as a filler. It builds up in their body and can kill them. We started using Felidae, an affordable all natural cat food and he has been very healthy until now. As our investigation into this new threat developed I looked up the toy manufacturer Hartz and sure enough the products can kill and cause seisures. The only product we have purchased were the soft balls and little mice. They are sold in 3 and 5 packs and are a variety of colours. Today I found bits of it in his litter box. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE MICE TOYS. Our cat loves them and plays with them for hours. It may have caused irreversible damage to the best pet we have every had. The extent of the damage to our cat is still unknown. We will find out the results shortly from our Vet. We are grateful for websites like this one. It was easy to find and had it not been, our cat would still be slowly killed by these lovable but deadly toys. After I complete this message I will be making a package to send to my pet store and supermarket where I have purchased these products. I urge you to do the same. There are alternatives and consumers need to be informed in order to protect their pets.

Ultra Guard Plus Drops for Cats killed my Cat

Hello my name is Anita, it was a wonderful day Dec 31st
New Year’s Eve and it

Turned in to tragedy when I use Hartz Ultra Guard Plus

On my adult cat, and
she had a reaction to the drops and she went in

In to seizure 6 hours we took her to the Vet they put her on
IV and later next day on 2008

New’s Day she past away in the morning she did not make it, I
was not able to sleep

Alternatively, eat I cannot understand why this product is
still out there to kill our family friend. Hartz Ultra Guard plus Drops for
Cats killed my best friend in the world she was so beautiful with big eyes and
very play full I need some answers please help

My dog had 4 seizures in 24 hours from Hartz Puppy Shampoo

I bathed my puppy with Hartz Puppy Shampoo, while bathing my puppy ingested a little bit of shampoo. While I was drying him, he went into a seizure. Since the seizure went away, I decided to watch him over night. He had another seizure the next day so I took him to the Vet. While at the vet, she advised me that because it was New Year’s Eve she recommended that I take my puppy to the Animal Hospital for overnight observation (which would only run me a "few hundred" dollars). Oh and on your way to the animal hospital, contact the Animal posion control center (which is a $50.00 fee) to see if the chemicals in the shampoo are harmful. While driving, I contact Animal Posion Control Center to tell me that she would start my case but because I couldn’t read her the credit card numbers over the phone, I would have to call back. All the time informing me that the Hartz Shampoo probably wasn’t the cause of his seizures. I contacted my breeder, who requested that I take the puppy him to feed him eggs and ice cream and to keep a close eye on him over the night. I decided to not "inherit" a large bill so I did as the breeder advised. My puppy had 1 more seizure and after a THOROUGH rinse was fine. No more seizures, no high vet bills and THANK GOODNESS a perfect puppy! I HATE HARTZ PRODUCTS AND I VOW TO NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THEM!!!!!! I also believe the vets are in cahootz with them.

Sargeant’s Gold Squeeze-On Needs To Be banned

I have a 8 year old long haired Doxie and on New Year’s Eve
(yesterday) I gave him a bath in the early afternoon. Later on that evening put
Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze-on drops on his upper back behind his
neck. I bought the product earlier that day at the grocery store. After about 1
½ hours later he started going nuts, rolling all over the floor, breathing
heavy with his tongue hanging from his mouth and not sitting still for more
them 5 seconds at a time. He would run to corners of the room and start digging
into the carpet none stop and he just could not sit still. Nothing I ever seen
from him before in all of his life. His heart was racing and every time he
tried to drink water he was chocking. I can tell you how much this broke my
heart to see him this way and the only thing I could think of causing this was
the Sergeant’s Gold drops I put on him. Now mind you it is New Years eve and
everything is closed. I called the hotline number on the package and they knew
this was a known problem. As soon as I told them what my Ozzy was doing and how
he was acting they told me it was a reaction from the product called the pins
and needles effect. They told me to bath him in dawn dish soap 3 times and put vitamin
E on his back. I said if this is a known problem why the hell is it still being
sold and they told me, we are just here to help you with a medical problem and
have nothing to do with that. I was told to place him in a dark room alone for
the night, as if I would be so cold to do that to my little guy, just leave him
to suffer alone is downright cold and heartless. Put cold compresses on his
back I was also told to do. I did as they said and gave him 3 baths with the
dawn dish soap and he still was suffering at 2:30 AM and not able to sit still.
The whimpering and cries made me cry. At 3 AM I gave him another bath using V05
shampoo this time and not the dawn dish soap. After that bath he seemed to
start to feel better and he stopped jumping around. The next day he was OK,
scratching a bit but sleeping a lot because he was so tired from what he went
through the night before. All I kept thinking was what if I put this stuff on
him and went out as planned, would my baby be alive when I got home. This
company needs to pull this stuff off the market as it is hurting our pets.

my dog nearly died..

Yesterday while I was at work, my mom used a free sample of sargeants gold flea and tick killer tube on my dog..when I came home last night she said that Misty had vomited and wasnt acting right. I thought maybe she was just a liitle sick. I noticed some oily residue on her back and asked my mom , and she said she had used the flea product on her earlier. Misty was salivating alot and very unresful and whining, so I decided to look at the package and then I bathed her well and dried her. I went to bed and this morning my mom said that she and misty never slept all nite and that she had to keep petting her to calm her. She said that misty almost quit breathing a few times. Thats when I started looking on here and was shocked. I calle the er vet and they said had I not bathed her she would have died.. AND THEY STILL SELL THIS POISON..misty is an 18 pound shistsu pomeranian..and I almost killed her.tell everyone you know about this..

After using Hartz 2-1 flea and Tick Shampoo

Last Sunday I gave both of my dogs a bath in this shampoo-I have a 100 lb. Aussie mix and a small 20 lb chihuahua/minpin mix-the bigger dog seems fine but the day after bathing my smaller dog in this shampoo-(nothing else had changed for him during this time) he started vomiting and having diahrrea-he would not drink or eat and was just all around sick. I called the Hartz company and they actually gave me a case# and told me to tell the vet to call them if any questions- however my vet (whom I noticed has Hartz products on display) told me she didn’t think the shampoo had anything to do with his illness-she labeled it gastroenteritis and gave him two injections one for nausea and one for stomach acid-and also administered subcutaneous fluids. Before I left the office my dog had diahrrea on the floor it was a hugh puddle of blood! The vet then said that I may have to have him hospitalized if he had any more bloody diahrrea-calling it hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. I ask what could cause this and she said the cause is unknown or maybe I had fed him some fat and that could cause these symptoms. I took him home and as of today he does seem to be getting better but his right hind leg now shakes uncontrollably. I will never use this product or any of the Hartz products again. I had cats in the past that also got sick from the flea and tick drops.