Matthew Carmichael, Davis California

My family sufferred a great tragedy almost two years ago. In response we got my son a small grey cat from the neighbor who we lovenly named "Taz" or "Fluffy", depending which child you are. A few months later I found and adopted a cat that was an exact match of a cat I lost to cancer three years earlier. What a gift to have my cat Dirtbag come home again. These cats were friends and part of the family to my four children. They never once scratched or bit event when roughed around my the little ones. They both loved to sleep with the kids and provided great comfort to a child afraid fo the dark. Living in the country and owning both cats and dogs we had both flee and tick remedies (dog and cat). Two nights ago we discovered a tick on Dirtbag so my wife removed it and proceeded to put flea and tick medicine on both Dirtbag and Taz. yesterday morning we awoke to find Dirtbag shaking and barely able to walk. My son and I rushed Dirtbag to UC Davis medical center and eventually discovered his illness was due to inadvertanly putting the dog flea and tick lotion on him. While on the phone I warned my wife to find Taz and wash him immediately. My son went outside and found Taz dead on the ground. My family is in complete shock and Dirtbag will probably not survive another day. I have to say I am a grown man and I am crying as I write this story.

Who in their right mind sells a product, a remedy for a dog in the same store that knowingly will kill a cat. It will take a long time and alot of healing for this one to pass.

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