Seisure from mice toys

My husband and I have been bewildered by the seisures that have suddently taken over our cat Mocha. We had to find out what could have caused this. I knew that his food was okay since we had to investigate that a while back when he was getting urine infections. Turns out most cat foods are filled with ash, a rock, as a filler. It builds up in their body and can kill them. We started using Felidae, an affordable all natural cat food and he has been very healthy until now. As our investigation into this new threat developed I looked up the toy manufacturer Hartz and sure enough the products can kill and cause seisures. The only product we have purchased were the soft balls and little mice. They are sold in 3 and 5 packs and are a variety of colours. Today I found bits of it in his litter box. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE MICE TOYS. Our cat loves them and plays with them for hours. It may have caused irreversible damage to the best pet we have every had. The extent of the damage to our cat is still unknown. We will find out the results shortly from our Vet. We are grateful for websites like this one. It was easy to find and had it not been, our cat would still be slowly killed by these lovable but deadly toys. After I complete this message I will be making a package to send to my pet store and supermarket where I have purchased these products. I urge you to do the same. There are alternatives and consumers need to be informed in order to protect their pets.

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