Rita` No Kitty No Kry`

….I just ad a story bout a cat becoming sick from flea collar…..my cat "Rita" named after rita marley, ,is about a 6 month lil black fluffy flea bag…very sweet anywho; she beame very sick and lethargic then lost her coordination totally in a period of about 24-36 hours…totally lethargis etc drugged looking…i took her to vet asap and had blood work done teh next day blood comes back with notjing wrong…so from a friends sdvise i went to another vet the next morning witha totally limp but alive cat….i was totally amazed at how this just popped up she is an inside cat only outside on nice days…..but let in when i am away from home…..so not likely poison or rebies with dogs in yard for protection etc…so i go to new vet and he says it may be collar……? at day end the v says he will keep cat for weekend…i sure hope she gets better….i almost sent her to neurological animal specialist which would cost ove a grand…plus but how is it that the first vet had no clue what problem could be and next vet says this is a likely possibility why my cat is become totally limp vertigo like…i will know moe monday when i am able to speak with vet…oh yeah no feline lukemia..and blood work is fine,,,,,,?..any more things it could be…i think i put collar on at least 2 weeks ago……what happened to my cat?! i am not a big cat person but my fiance` is and ….how come noone knows at all vets and is the toxisity levels that inconsistant on these products

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