My MOUSE is dead….

I took my cat to the vet on Thursday and today she is being buried because of the Hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick shampoo I used to treat her flea problem.
I got Mouse from a friend at work in 1993 she was so small she fit in my jacket pocket and was very content to ride home on my motorcycle that night. From day one she was a great cat and the kids loved her and cared deeply for that little mouse of a meow cat. She got out as all cats do and a few months later a litter of kittens came on the scene. My two daughters where amazed at the whole birthing process. Mouse had three kittens and of course being so small she did that in a small way too. Our life with mouse was touched in many ways and I thank God for putting this little mouse of a cat in our lives. Mouse disappeared after a couple of years and the girls where sad and I rested there fears with words of God had taken her but he had left the kittens to love and that comforted them. My wife and I would look close every time we would see a dead cat by the road and wonder just what happened to MOUSE. Weeks turned into months and Mouse’s memory was fading when one day out of the blue she came limping home. We rushed her to the Vet and she took x-rays to see what was wrong. Mouse had broken her hip but it was mostly mended and the vet said she should be just fine. Well that was amazing and she had shown for such a small little cat she could survive, she was a fighter.
Life has its way of changing and my work separated me from my family in 2000. During a visit back home in 2003 my wife asked me to take Mouse to live with me because she was just too hard on the other cats in the house. So Mouse came to live with me. My buddy was the queen of a one cat house. Other cats came to live but she ran them off time after time. She just didn’t want to share I guess. Her best buddy my Dalmatian Lab mix and I still don’t know how to we will get along but time heals all wounds. In 2005 Mouse was getting skinny and eating a lot but gaining no weight. I took her to the vet and he tested her and found her thyroid was overactive. He prescribed pills which I have been giving her till now.
Well that is my story till today Mouse has survived it all. It’s hard to believe a flea bath has taken this tough little cat.

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