Sargeant’s Gold Squeeze-On Needs To Be banned

I have a 8 year old long haired Doxie and on New Year’s Eve
(yesterday) I gave him a bath in the early afternoon. Later on that evening put
Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze-on drops on his upper back behind his
neck. I bought the product earlier that day at the grocery store. After about 1
½ hours later he started going nuts, rolling all over the floor, breathing
heavy with his tongue hanging from his mouth and not sitting still for more
them 5 seconds at a time. He would run to corners of the room and start digging
into the carpet none stop and he just could not sit still. Nothing I ever seen
from him before in all of his life. His heart was racing and every time he
tried to drink water he was chocking. I can tell you how much this broke my
heart to see him this way and the only thing I could think of causing this was
the Sergeant’s Gold drops I put on him. Now mind you it is New Years eve and
everything is closed. I called the hotline number on the package and they knew
this was a known problem. As soon as I told them what my Ozzy was doing and how
he was acting they told me it was a reaction from the product called the pins
and needles effect. They told me to bath him in dawn dish soap 3 times and put vitamin
E on his back. I said if this is a known problem why the hell is it still being
sold and they told me, we are just here to help you with a medical problem and
have nothing to do with that. I was told to place him in a dark room alone for
the night, as if I would be so cold to do that to my little guy, just leave him
to suffer alone is downright cold and heartless. Put cold compresses on his
back I was also told to do. I did as they said and gave him 3 baths with the
dawn dish soap and he still was suffering at 2:30 AM and not able to sit still.
The whimpering and cries made me cry. At 3 AM I gave him another bath using V05
shampoo this time and not the dawn dish soap. After that bath he seemed to
start to feel better and he stopped jumping around. The next day he was OK,
scratching a bit but sleeping a lot because he was so tired from what he went
through the night before. All I kept thinking was what if I put this stuff on
him and went out as planned, would my baby be alive when I got home. This
company needs to pull this stuff off the market as it is hurting our pets.

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