my dog nearly died..

Yesterday while I was at work, my mom used a free sample of sargeants gold flea and tick killer tube on my dog..when I came home last night she said that Misty had vomited and wasnt acting right. I thought maybe she was just a liitle sick. I noticed some oily residue on her back and asked my mom , and she said she had used the flea product on her earlier. Misty was salivating alot and very unresful and whining, so I decided to look at the package and then I bathed her well and dried her. I went to bed and this morning my mom said that she and misty never slept all nite and that she had to keep petting her to calm her. She said that misty almost quit breathing a few times. Thats when I started looking on here and was shocked. I calle the er vet and they said had I not bathed her she would have died.. AND THEY STILL SELL THIS POISON..misty is an 18 pound shistsu pomeranian..and I almost killed her.tell everyone you know about this..

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