My dog had 4 seizures in 24 hours from Hartz Puppy Shampoo

I bathed my puppy with Hartz Puppy Shampoo, while bathing my puppy ingested a little bit of shampoo. While I was drying him, he went into a seizure. Since the seizure went away, I decided to watch him over night. He had another seizure the next day so I took him to the Vet. While at the vet, she advised me that because it was New Year’s Eve she recommended that I take my puppy to the Animal Hospital for overnight observation (which would only run me a "few hundred" dollars). Oh and on your way to the animal hospital, contact the Animal posion control center (which is a $50.00 fee) to see if the chemicals in the shampoo are harmful. While driving, I contact Animal Posion Control Center to tell me that she would start my case but because I couldn’t read her the credit card numbers over the phone, I would have to call back. All the time informing me that the Hartz Shampoo probably wasn’t the cause of his seizures. I contacted my breeder, who requested that I take the puppy him to feed him eggs and ice cream and to keep a close eye on him over the night. I decided to not "inherit" a large bill so I did as the breeder advised. My puppy had 1 more seizure and after a THOROUGH rinse was fine. No more seizures, no high vet bills and THANK GOODNESS a perfect puppy! I HATE HARTZ PRODUCTS AND I VOW TO NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM THEM!!!!!! I also believe the vets are in cahootz with them.

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