My Hartz nightmare

About 8 yrs ago, I gave all my Chihuahuas a bath and used the Hartz flea control (drops on back of neck).
Almost immediatley, one of the dogs (Amos) ran into the corner and
started shaking. A shaking Chihuahua usually means nervousness,
and since it was right after the bath, I didn’t think much of it.
About 2 hours later, same thing… although now he was shaking and
twitching, rolling over on his back as if to rub the burning sensation
off his neck. He would not get up, would not walk – not even for
a piece of cheese. If he wouldn’t eat the cheese, that was a
definite clue that something was really wrong.
I called the vet, described the situation and that I’d given them all
the flea medication from Hartz – but he was the only one having a bad
reaction. They said to bring him in right away, and to bring the
Hartz package so they could see it. The first thing they did was
give him another bath, to get the poison off of him. He was
pumped with fluids and monitored for awhile. In the time I was
there, I called home and had my kids get the rest of the dogs into the
bath again – just with baby shampoo, sudds them up and rub the neck
area really good to get that Hartz crap off of them. They never
had any symptoms.
Amos was released, and has had no lasting effects from the
poison…thank god! But I was told by the vet to never use that
product again – it is basically the same stuff you would spray on your
yard to kill bugs. Even that stuff says use protective gloves and
don’t get on your skin – so why would you put that on your
dogs??? I will never buy anything by Hartz, ever again…

One of my Cats gone and another in the hospital

Yes, we need to do something ASAP I have lost one cat another is in the hospital right now with sick and balding dogs. I would like to personally meet these murders face to face. It is hard enough to loose a pet that you have loved for 16 years but to know that you killed them with a product you bought to help them is mind blowing. So yes I would like to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon and hopefully put this bad business out of business!!!!!!!!!! We have been in a family owned business since 1935 and let me tell you that everyone that enters more door is well informed, plus I have a copy of a paper on this "United states environmental protection agency Washington, D. C. 20460” about the Hartz products. I believe this will come in handy. Harrtz is aware of this problem the vets are informed on how to treat the sick animals.


Donna Bay Pacific, Mo

My cats are dying!

We have two indoor and two outdoor cats. I purchased Hatz flea collars and put them on the indoor cats about two months ago. The cats are getting sicker and sicker. they can not keep down any foods and are vomiting every time they eat. We have wormed them, given hairball treatments all to no avail. I took the flea collars off two nights ago and one cat is now able to eat without vomiting and the other is keeping the food down longer.
Have you heard of this as a reaction to Hartz flea collars???

Abrupt behavior change in cat

My husband put Hartz flea drops on our cats. There was no problem with the large cat, but the small cat, Idgy, has been messed up ever since. She took off immediately and refused to come in the house for two weeks. She will now come in the basement, but her entire personality has changed. She is my 8 year old daughter’s cat. Idgy used to sleep in a box beside my daughter’s bed. She used to spend almost all her time in the house and now we can’t get her to come in. She is just a shell of what she used to be. Now she’s devoid of personality and she used to be the most hilarious, inquisitive cat. I keep hoping that one day her old personality will come back. I will never use Hartz products again. This is truly disturbing.

Buyer BEWARE: Sergeant’s causes horrible reactions!

I applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Sqeeze-On to my one and a half year old Pyrenees mix. Almost immediately, he began running in circles, whining and biting at the spot I applied the medication. This continued for several hours, as I thought perhaps the fleas were reacting to the medication. My dog salivated profusely, and I became more worried as the hours passed. I finally bathed him with an oatmeal shampoo, then blow-dried his coat, but he continued to whine and chew the spot. I finally called the company, and the representative told me the reaction was normal, and I should apply vitamin E to the spot after bathing him yet again, but this time with dish detergent. Being a veterinary technician myself, I have never seen this kind of non-allergy related reaction from an OTC medication. I was further frustrated when the rep told me the itch should disappear in 24-48 hours, and that the majority of the discomfort stemmed from simply being scared of the "tingly, prickly" feeling the medication has on the skin. I called my own vet, and they told me that since it was not allergy related, go ahead and bath my dog with the detergent, allow to air dry, and bring him into the vet if the situation worsened. Luckily, this seemed to alleviate the problem, and he’s fine now. I WILL NEVER use any of these products again. If I need a quick OTC flea treatment, i’ll just wait until the clinic opens and buy from my vet. Buyer Beware!

We had to put our cat to sleep

We could not figure out what was wrong with our cat after we gave her UltraGuard plus. She licked herself non stop for about 2 months afterwords starting the night we gave her the flea medication. She had licked most of her hair off and couldn’t even use her litterbox anymore. She was going to bathroom everywhere. We spent over $400 on vet bills including putting her to sleep. I was telling someone about our story and they asked if we used Hartz, because they had similar problems with their dogs. The one dog even developed epilepsy after flea medication. I asked my vet if the flea medication could have caused it before we put her to sleep, and I was told that was unlikely. Obviously, it appears my suspicions were correct.