seizures from flea drops

I was surfing the internet and found this and wow,did it bring back awful memories..My kitty Emily Binx was 6 years old at the time when she was poisoned by the Hartz OTC flea drops..Our one cat had died and we picked up a stray from a local shelter..we never had flea problems til then and she had them back..being a was horrible for her..within 30 min of application she started twitching and kept trying to stretch out her legs..she finally went and laid in her litterbox and I knew she was sick..It was sunday and the vet told us to take her to the ER for pets..we did and she was poisoned..They took her in..washed her immediately in Dawn and put her on medicine..It was so hard to leave her,but during the night she had seizures..they finally stopped..It was horrible..not to mention it left us with a 560 dollar vet bill..for a $5 pet this day the spot that bothered her the most she pulls her hair at ..its on her spine..I have also noticed she has a small wort at the base now..she is 13 years old…and this girl is like a child to me..I have never been so sick about using an OTC product as this..To this day…I tell anyone I can do not use it..I don’t use any of this again..thanks,becky

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