Me and my dog are sick

I was first exposed to hertz about 3 weeks ago and so was my dog my pet seems very ill and I feel extemly ill as well it isnt going away is it possible for me to obtain a lawsuit ? I know the hertz its pure poison just put it on any living thing and see for your’self.

One thought on “Me and my dog are sick”

  1. sergeants gold almost kill my babys and me i still aint over it yet and its been 7 days .just thank god my two babys are getting better. what is funny my 14 year and my other 4year old are just fine but i wash them also .so please dont but sergeants gold i have read about 100 sad sad stories peoples be loved pets hurt and kill if there is any lawsuits please let me know i would love to help lucky my kroger has pulled it off there shelfs and went online for there selfs. thank you

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