Almost lost my best friend

My mini Daschund had a hartz toy, sold at Walmart. He chewed the toy apart. Needless to say he was able to consume some on the stuffing that was in the toy before I was able to retrieve it. I really did not think about it until he started vomiting and loosing alot of fluid. I took him to the vet, and they revealed he had a blackage. I had no other choice but to put him through surgery. I could not put him down. But had I not been able to afford it, I would have. The surgery cost me $1200.00 and not to mention the pain he had to go through because pain medicine was too hard on his stomach. To top it all off, this happened three weeks before Christmas. When I buy products, such as dog toys, I am putting faith into these products assuming they are safe for my pets. Look, not only Hartz that sells garbage, but other companies do as well. When shopping for your pet, it says, materials that are in the toys are harmful and can cause death. Why should it be allowed to sell products that can harm our pets. They recall thousands of toys we buy for our children, why not our best friends, pets, that we call our family members. Hartz sells unsafe products, and I would never buy another dog toy from them ever again. I have actually went into stores since then and told many to walk away from the toys, and they do.

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