One of my Cats gone and another in the hospital

Yes, we need to do something ASAP I have lost one cat another is in the hospital right now with sick and balding dogs. I would like to personally meet these murders face to face. It is hard enough to loose a pet that you have loved for 16 years but to know that you killed them with a product you bought to help them is mind blowing. So yes I would like to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon and hopefully put this bad business out of business!!!!!!!!!! We have been in a family owned business since 1935 and let me tell you that everyone that enters more door is well informed, plus I have a copy of a paper on this "United states environmental protection agency Washington, D. C. 20460” about the Hartz products. I believe this will come in handy. Harrtz is aware of this problem the vets are informed on how to treat the sick animals.


Donna Bay Pacific, Mo

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