My Sick Dog

My 70 pound, 6 year old dog is very, very ill from Hartz 4 in 1. We flead our three cats and our dog last week on friday evening. By Saturday morning Cory, my dog, was vomitting and shaking. My cats are fine. He couldn’t keep anything down for the first day. It is now Sunday he is still very sick and lethargic. He is drinking small amounts of water, mostly water I syringe into his mouth, and has eaten some plain yogurt and some bits of cheese that I hand fed him. We have tried to feed him some chicken and some apple sauce, he refused both. He still wants to go outside, and he can walk around but most of the time he just looks disoriented and wobbly. Right now he is huffing air in and out of his nose. He’s acting like he’s in pain. I am so scared he is going to die, or that we are going to take him to the vet and have to put him to sleep because we can’t afford the treatments. Or that he is going to have to be put to sleep anyway. I wish I had googled Hartz before and found your website- I would have used something else on him. Please keep my dog in your thoughts.

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