My Hartz nightmare

About 8 yrs ago, I gave all my Chihuahuas a bath and used the Hartz flea control (drops on back of neck).
Almost immediatley, one of the dogs (Amos) ran into the corner and
started shaking. A shaking Chihuahua usually means nervousness,
and since it was right after the bath, I didn’t think much of it.
About 2 hours later, same thing… although now he was shaking and
twitching, rolling over on his back as if to rub the burning sensation
off his neck. He would not get up, would not walk – not even for
a piece of cheese. If he wouldn’t eat the cheese, that was a
definite clue that something was really wrong.
I called the vet, described the situation and that I’d given them all
the flea medication from Hartz – but he was the only one having a bad
reaction. They said to bring him in right away, and to bring the
Hartz package so they could see it. The first thing they did was
give him another bath, to get the poison off of him. He was
pumped with fluids and monitored for awhile. In the time I was
there, I called home and had my kids get the rest of the dogs into the
bath again – just with baby shampoo, sudds them up and rub the neck
area really good to get that Hartz crap off of them. They never
had any symptoms.
Amos was released, and has had no lasting effects from the
poison…thank god! But I was told by the vet to never use that
product again – it is basically the same stuff you would spray on your
yard to kill bugs. Even that stuff says use protective gloves and
don’t get on your skin – so why would you put that on your
dogs??? I will never buy anything by Hartz, ever again…

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