my cat almost died!!!!!!

i love my cat jello more than life itself……. on
monday, i put some sergeant’s brand flea stuff on his neck. i had used
it before and he seemed ok…. it’s not terribly effective, but it
didn’t seem to harm him…..

yesterday (sat) i brought him to the
vet because he was missing a spot of fur. this was NOT due to the flea
medicine, but an allergy to the fleas…. they said that the flea stuff
wasn’t regulated and didn’t work all that well. they sent me home with
some advantage 9, and told me to wash the sergeant’s stuff off of him
and wait a couple of days to put the advantage on.

night, after i bathed him (the package of sergeant’s said not to bathe
the animal for the first 24 hours, but i put in on him MONDAY, and
there was still oily residue) about 10 minutes later, i heard a crash,
and looked to find jello stumbling around and trying to stand…. he
then collapsed. he was acting like the mouse i saw in boarding school
that had eaten rat poison. he was very cold and non-responsive. i
freaked out and picked him up, yelling his name but he
wouldn’t open his eyes. i tried to give him mouth to mouth (i just blew
into his mouth, not that i know what the hell i was doing) and after
the second time, he gave a low "meow" after about 30 seconds, he
struggled in my arms to get down, but still wasn’t his normal self. he
was very weak……

while looking up emergency vets and waiting
for my roommate to get home (i had lent him my car) i looked up his
symptoms and found this site along with
several others talking about the same symptoms as jello had presented.
the only thing i can think of is maybe i hadn’t gotten all of the flea
residue off of him, and had just managed to spread it to a spot where
he could lick it.

i rushed him to the vet’s and, thank
everything, he’s better now. they couldn’t tell me what had happened,
but the only new factor was the flea stuff. these websites and the vets
all said that advantage was safe, but not to use the over the counter
flea stuff.

PLEASE don’t make the same mistake i did. if your
cat or dog has fleas, and you want to get rid of them, don’t bathe them
in flea shampoo, and don’t use off brand flea meds…. just take them
to the vet and get the stuff that is actually regulated and tested.

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