How about some actual help on this site!!!!

I won’t actually bother asking the SIMPLE question about a hartz product that I needed answered. The reason being is that I was able to get the advise I needed after searching many other sites for people with a similar issue.

It would seem that a site this dedicated to the support of pet owners that have had varying issues with Hartz products would actually provide some practical advice. Instead we get a bunch of stories and a list of government
bureaucrat’s we should call.

It would be
nice if there were even one small section of the site that gave some
advice as to the best course of action for EACH Hartz product. After searching the forums past countless stories of the "death of the litter" and "Hartz Sux" and "This stuff is crap" you may accidentally stumble upon a post worth reading.

It seems that the people behind this site and members of this site are moreconcerned with the class action payday than the actual animals that are suffering!

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