I usually use advantage on my pets, however, had run out and noticed my pets were scratching so while I was at my local Walmart picking up groceries, decided to grab some Hartz Flea and Tickdrops to tide us over until I made it to the vet to grab some more advantage. I went home and proceded to dose my pets according to package instructions…everyone seemed fine…we went to bed and got up and went to work and school as usual…at around 10 am I recieved a phone call at work from my vet, my boyfriend (who happened to be home from work, thankfully) had brought in my 6 month old kitten, he had come out from under the couch, experiencing severe muscle spasms and having difficulty walking…noticing the wet spot on the back of his neck, my vet asked what I had treated him with…I told her and immediately was told that the product was ineffective and dangerous to cats especially…my cat began seizuring and was given steroids and fluids to counteract the reaction…I was immediately concerned for my other cat who had been dosed as well, I went home to find her and was relieved to see she didn’t seem to be reacting to the drops..I bathed her anyways and locked up my dogs ( they had been dosed as well, apparently you don’t have to apply the drug to your cats…the scent of it alone is enough to cause a reaction) and stopped at the vets to check on my kitten who was in a kennel still experiencing muscle spasms, was very traumatic to see this poor animal suffering in such a way, almost had him euthanized to spare him any more pain..was advised to wait it out as he could be like this for a few days before he would begin to recover..later that evening as I was making dinner, my 8 yr old daughter called me franticly that, Kimba, my older cat was shaking and had fell when she was trying to jump up on a chair…I immediately dropped everything and bathed her again, calling the veterinary technician at home (was after hours now), she called the doctor and I met her at the office with my cat, who was seizuring by the time I got there (less than two minute drive), we administered steroids and fluids to her as well, tucked her into a kennel next to my kitten and hoped for the best. Was told that Hartz uses unregulated ingredients in their pet supply products and people who have contacted them regarding adverse reactions have been met with "we have 100 lawyers at our disposal, so you can try to fight us if you want". My cats were the 6th and 7th cats to be brought in to the vet in a two month time frame in Hartz related incidents, and one more cat has been euthanized since (this has all transpired in the last week)..My friends and family as well as the local newspaper are trying to inform people and the local outlet stores as to the consequences of using Hartz products and hope this posting will dissuade other pet owners from using Hartz products.


  1. We used it on our two cats and we used more on the female cat because she has more fur. She was the worst out of both of them. Within 30 minutes her back started twitching and she would not let anyone touch her. She began salivating all of the floor and her eyes were wide. The boy cat with shorter fur wouldn’t stop running around and panting and meowing strangely. Our cats have never behaved like this. This was the first time we used this product but NEVER AGAIN. Fortunately, after finally catching them and bathing them, they both calmed down.

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