cats nearly died from hartz flea drops

i am so sorry i did not see this site before purchasing hartz ultraguard for cats. i nearly killed my two babies, and i feel now as if i had put a virtual gun to their heads.

i applied as directed, carefully separated them for over 12 hours, only to find the product did NOT dry. i called the"hartz hotline" only to get a person with limited english and no idea what i was talking about. all he kept saying was "wash it off".

i tried to do that, but this stuff is petroleum based and oily. it stuck to their hair, and was impossible to remove. as i washed them, i got sick myself, just from touching them – swollen eyes, itching and shortness of breath.

by the next morning, both cats were lethargic, glazed eyes, barely moving. both had vomited and had diarrhea repeatedly through the night. i was unaware until i saw the results in the morning. i rushed them to the vet. they both needed fluids and veterinary assistants them both. the people handling them all complained of headaches and dizzyness.

after repeated washings, most of the residue was gone, but the effects remained from what had penetrated the skin. they were very sick for three more days, and needed repeated fluid infusions to keep them hydrated. finally, after 5 days, both started to eat a little (after force feeding them high caloric supplements to keep them going while sick) and then they drank some, and i think we have turned the corner now. they are finally starting to move around a little and look more alert.

the people who run hartz should be forced to eat this stuff, or thrown naked into a big vat of it. then maybe they would have some idea what they are doing to us and our pets. my vet told me about all the complaints and how they will not respond or take it off the market. i was very sick myself, and developed the nausea, etc. the same as the cats did. all i could think about was, what if i had small children and they had played with the cats and then put hands in mouth?? i am a full size adult and had horrible reactions. what would it do to a two year old?

this stuff is lethal, and somehow we have to get it pulled from the marketplace. i have complained to the national pesticide hotline, epa, and of course, hartz themselves. everyone MUST complain. it is the only way.

i also tried my local TV station. no response. apparently cats are not as important as the local drug dealers…

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