Buyer BEWARE: Sergeant’s causes horrible reactions!

I applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Sqeeze-On to my one and a half year old Pyrenees mix. Almost immediately, he began running in circles, whining and biting at the spot I applied the medication. This continued for several hours, as I thought perhaps the fleas were reacting to the medication. My dog salivated profusely, and I became more worried as the hours passed. I finally bathed him with an oatmeal shampoo, then blow-dried his coat, but he continued to whine and chew the spot. I finally called the company, and the representative told me the reaction was normal, and I should apply vitamin E to the spot after bathing him yet again, but this time with dish detergent. Being a veterinary technician myself, I have never seen this kind of non-allergy related reaction from an OTC medication. I was further frustrated when the rep told me the itch should disappear in 24-48 hours, and that the majority of the discomfort stemmed from simply being scared of the "tingly, prickly" feeling the medication has on the skin. I called my own vet, and they told me that since it was not allergy related, go ahead and bath my dog with the detergent, allow to air dry, and bring him into the vet if the situation worsened. Luckily, this seemed to alleviate the problem, and he’s fine now. I WILL NEVER use any of these products again. If I need a quick OTC flea treatment, i’ll just wait until the clinic opens and buy from my vet. Buyer Beware!

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