Hartz sucks

I used the hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick spray on my dog and ever since I have had nothing but problems. The night I sprayed her with it she started drooling and laying around. She’s usually a really happy dog with eyes that light up when she looks at you. That’s how I know she was sick. She still itched even though the fleas were gone and started to get a rash. I immediately gave her a bath with oatmeal shampoo. She made it throught the night and stopped drooling. She still had the rash that turned into wart looking things that pop and ooze pus. I gave her another bath today and a benadryl. She still has that sad look in her eye. I hate hartz. She looks so miserable and I feel so helpless. She has bald spots, rashes, warts, and is still itchy. DONT USE THIS PRODUCT.

Fighting for Life

My name is Christina Carney. I do not want to be anonymous, but Hartz should want to be. The president/ CEO of this company should be mortified and ashamed every day of his/her life!! They are killing animals left and right. The Vet told me that they see 2-4 deaths a week with the products that are sold over the counter by HARTZ!!
I cannot believe that these products are still on the market. I found out too late. I have twin 7 month old kittens. I applied the Hartz flea cat drops on Saturday morning at approximately 8: 45 AM .

By 2 pm my smallest kitten was bleeding from her mouth, nose, her eyes were completely dialted, she could not breathe and was convulsing so violenty that the deep scratches on my arms from carrying her into the car are the only visible reminders of what took place. My cat sezed and convulsed inthe back seat of my car as I drove 90 miles an hour to the fire department hoping that they would be able to tell me where to go in my area. I finally found St. Francis Animal Hospital, put the car in park, left the car running and door wide open, running to save my kittens life, within 5 minutes of the Vet administering valium and an IV she was dead.

Her temperature was reported as being 108. Even if she had been saved, she would have never been the same, while cryinghysterically in the emergency room at the thought that I did nthis to my baby I remmbered that there was another Kitten at the house. I called by best friend Kim, and asked her to rush to my home and retrieve the other kitten, she arrived at the Vet with my other kitten who was seizing, yet mildly in comparison to what I had witnessed with my first Kitten.
The second kitten spent 12 hours inthe emergency veterinary hospital. I picked her up on Sunday Nov 4th only to realize that she was temporarily paralyzed. The fight for life began the minute we left the hospital until today. She came home to us in distress, not being able to wlk or go the bathroom on her own. I could not leave her for one minute. There were points during the day which I had questioned if I had done the right thing by bringing her home and not putting her to sleep, but then I would look at her in my arms and realize that she was trully fighting for life. I was going to do what i had to do to bring her back and recover fully. The hardest part in all of this horrific tradgedy waws having to come home and tell my 5 and 8 year old daughters that one of their cats had died. I am an adult, I knew that with time I would be able to erase the horific images that wer embedded and constantly running through my head. I hate fact that there was nothing that I could do to help the baby kitten. she had convulsed so badly that she had scrathced herself and bitten her tongue in half. She had lost control of her bowels when she was with me, and I knew in my heart that she was not going to make it, I am a medic myself. I found out too late about thie product that I had used. I had people telling me withiin 24 hrs of my animals death that I should sue Hartz, and that is when I found you site. My second cat is recovering well. She is walking 48 hours later and doing well. She is still a ittle wobbly on her feet, but she is progressing every hour. She is now noticing that her sister is gone and is extremely lonly. She cried last night and this morning. It is a deep very distinct cry that breaks my heart. I cry every time I hear it.
The word will not get out if we do not share our stories and do something about this. I do nt understand why vets have not issued statements or fight to get this taken off of the market? Is there something that I am missing in all of this?? Are there law suits out against HARTZ? Have they been sued? I am lloking to have my story heard and I am looking for answers. Please email me in refernce to thie situation. I would love to hear from andy and everyone. My name is Christina Carney. My cat that passed away in the 3rd of November 2007 was Brooklyn and the cat that was able to pull through is New York. I am not anonymous becasue I want people to know who I am , what I have been through and what i am wiilling to do to prevent others from dying. I can be reached at [email protected] .

Emergency Vet Assistant

I’ve read several stories on this site and I’m sad to say that I know dozens more just like it as I work at an Animal Emergency Clinic. The individuals that say "some animals just have reactions to it like people do to some medications" should really reconsider. If the same amount of people were being affected as the amount of cats we see with Hartz toxicity then there would be millions in damages awards in a class action lawsuit and the medication would have been pulled off the shelf so quick heads would spin. There are simply TOO MANY cats having the same reaction, we see cats in our clinic every other week with it, excessive salivation, muscle tremors, paralysis..our poor vibrating kitties as we call them. Everytime I’m in near pet care products for flea and tick prevention in Walmart I tell everyone I see DON’T USE HARTZ OR SERGEANTS. Spend the extra money for the good stuff Advantage, Advantix (dogs only), and Frontline.

1 dead, 1paralyzed, 1sick

I only now found out about these awareness sights, and unfortunately too late. A few years ago I had a kitten that began to have tremors and luckily I realized that it may have something to do with the Hartz drops I had used, so I rinsed her off and she was ok. Never used the productagain, but this weekend, my friend called me, hysterical. Her kitty was in the midst of a full on seizure, bit her tongue off, lost her bowels, began bleeding from mouth and eyes. My friends 5 yr old daughter found the kitty and brought her to mom. She ran out ofher house without even her shoes and was desperately looking for an open vet. The kitty died, she was too far gone when she arrived. While my friend was there she got a cll informing her thather other kitty was now seizing. I flew to the house and grabbed that kitty, and met her at the hospital. They were awaiting us with a room and meds ready, hoping wegot her there in time. The vet asked us ifwe had used hartz or seagents on the cats, which she had. They informed us that they see several deaths a week in their hospital alone! We were astonished. How could a product that kills so many innocent animals, at the hand of their own blind faith owners, be allowed on the shelves? Thesecond cat has survived, so far, but is temporarily paralyzed. She cannot walk or control her bowels or bladder. Why is this product legal? Why is there not sufficient warning? Why aren’t they being held responsible?

hartz killed my cat

sunday october i had a sweet and active five year old cat.thursday at 12:15 she was dead. i had figured out by tuesday that she was dieng of some sort of poison. it only took a few seconds to realize the problem. on sunday o had bought hartz flea drops for all my cats. they were all given the drops and all appeared fine. on tuesay when i got home from work, i was told my cat LBJ was sick.i knew too much time had passed to help her now, so i left her do her thing and she left us on thurday.my entire family is very upset about this. we want the hatrz flea drops taken off the shelf too. thank you, rosemary unglesbee and family

My Cat is in the hospital

How can these products be in stores??? I purchased a Hartz flea powder to use on my carpets and followed the instruction specifically. I swept my carpet numerous times and left my windows open to let my house air out. After letting my cat back into the rooms where I used to powder I noticed she started to get sluggish and she was twitching….soon after she began to vomit white foam…I didn’t know what to do and thought it could be a reaction to her revolution that I used on her earlier that day. Last night I took her to the emergency vet after the vomiting wouldn’t stop. This morning she is still there and still not eating or drinking….I just pray that she is going to be ok….especially after reading all these stories. I just became aware of the issues with the Hartz company last night after my vet told me…I came home and found this website….what can be done??? The $700.00 I spent last night isn’t the issue. Its the animals that are suffering and dying and nothing can be done about it? This just isn’t right…..Say a little prayer for my kitty Clover :*(


I recently took in a kitten that my friend rescued from an apartment complex. I’m not sure how old he is, im guessing less than 6 months.
My friend bought the Hartz 3 in 1 flea and tick spray and i’ve used it twice on my kitten since i’ve had him.
I used it about 4 hours ago and i noticed afterwards he was sleeping for so long, he normally doesnt go more than 30 minutes sleeping.

I went to research the product and its side effects and found this website, i am so terrified that he is going to be sick.

He just seems sluggish and recluctant to play, he’s in a sort of daze. Also, when he’s sleeping he looks like he’s having nightmares.

If anything happens to my precious kitten, be assured this company will suffer by me through the court system

Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick Spray

I had a Puppy named Duke he was a Small dog, was my family heart, I buried him 9 days ago. We used the Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick spray on him, And within a few mins I noticed him acting strange.. I told my husband he was acting weird and he Said he was just tired.. I didnt think so.. So I bathed him and he went to acting better right away.. but it was to late. damage was done.. I will never purchase hartz again.. they destroyed my family and took my baby away from me.

Don’t use with Hartz 3 in 1 spray poison

I used Hartz 3 in 1 spray a few days ago on my Cat; a happy frisky little man. He stopped eating, then suddenly this morning he couldn’t use his legs. He’s now in a plastic bag in a cooler until I can bring him to the cemetary tomorrow.
I’ll NEVER use a pesticide on a Pet again!. He was about to turn 12; not old for a Cat and completely healthy until 3 days ago.