My beloved Oscar Myer

I wasn’t aware of any problem with Hartz until today.   I’ve learned from this site I killed my own baby Oscar by using Hartz products.  I have/had 2 long hair dachshunds.  Oscar was the oldest at 10 years and was very laid back.  I’d been having troubles with both of them having the worse case of flea infestation that they have ever had.  At the time I was using Frontline I was getting it from eBay.  I contacted the Seller and made him aware the treatment was not killing the fleas.  I then went to Petco and bought more Frontline thinking I bought outdated product from eBay.  This too did not get rid of the fleas.  I then started bathing them in flea and tick shampoo.  This subsided the fleas for a short period of time.  Last Sunday, Nov 11, 2007, I purchased a Hartz Flea & Tick spray.  When I got home I sprayed and brushed both dogs with this product.  I noticed Oscar immediately started panting non stop.  After about 1 hour I took his water bowl to him to try to get him to drink.  He just continued to pant as if he just ran a race and refused the water.  He continued this for about 2 hours until I was ready to go upstairs for the night.  Once we were upstairs I finally realized his panting was beyond the normal pant.  I laid him in my bed and ran to get a wet wash cloth in hopes of calming him down.  It was then I realized his tongue was blue and his eyes were dilated.  I called my son for help and he ran to my house within minutes.  In the interium I continue to blow in his mouth and pat him down with a wet wash cloth.  I turn on a bedside fan and laid him in front of it in an attempt to force air into his lungs.  Its when I turned him back on his stomach he stopped panting and calmed down.  I started petting him and realized he was making hiccupping like motions.  I looked at his stomach and quickly realized he wasn’t breathing.  My son and friend arrive just then swooped him up and hauled ass to the Animal Hospital.  The Vet tried to revive him but it was too late.  I wonder how Hartz corporate excutives can sleep at night. Perhaps if it were possible to spray their children down with a comparable type product  they would think twice about killing others family members for the sake of the old mighty dollars.  Greeedy SOB’s you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

animal lover

We bought and used Hartz 3 in 1 Dog Spray for our Jack Russel Terrier; he only had a flea or two, but we wanted to make sure to get rid of them. So after we bathed him in a doggie oatmeal shampoo, we sprayed him down with Hartz 3 in 1 Dog Spray.  It immediately turned his hair yellow and has caused a terrible itchy/burning rash. My poor baby. It sure makes you feel bad to watch your baby go through so much discomfort because of something you sprayed on him.  We know for a fact it was that particular product that caused it as we saw his hair turn yellow as soon as we sprayed it on him. He is normally white in color. I don’t know if he ever will be again.

Contact Dateline NBC

I lost a Pet about a month ago to Hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick spray. And in the past month i see that there are many more deaths from this companys products. And on almost every single storie i read people say the wish they would have known about this products history before the used it. So im asking everyone to write into NBC datleine and tell them your story about your trouble or deaths from this horrible company. Help spread the word so no one elese has to experiance watching thier loved pet die in thier arms.



                                                                            November 11, 2007

I used Hartz 2 in 1 flea spray last night on my cat and I noticed that right after i was done spraying him he began to display strange behavior.  At first, he was crouched down really low to the floor almost in a ball and walking from corner to corner like he was trying to get comfortable.  Initially, I thought that he was acting this way because his fur was wet.  So I let him be and went to bed.  Today my children called me while I was on my way home from work and asked me if I had seen the cat or if I had taken him anywhere because they could not find him.  I told them no and to call me back when they found him.  Shortly after my son called me and told me that he had found the cat but he looked very sick and was foaming from his mouth and had diarrhea.  I told them to wash him with warm water until I got home.   When I got home I noticed that my cat was still crouched very low to the floor, salivating and foaming heavily from the mouth, and very lethargic.  I immediately called the vet who said that they have gotten a lot of complaints about this product and they do not recommend that anyone use it for any reason.  They also informed me that I could wash him again with dish detergent, preferably Dawn.  If that doesn’t make him feel better shortly then he should be brought in for an emergency appointment.  I am about to bathe him soon and will call Hartz tomorrow to tell them that this product needs to be recalled because my girlfriend has a cat who had a similar reaction to this product.  Wish me luck…and avoid this product and pass the news on to others.

my cat Mishwith

I used to have a kitten named Mishwith. One day I saw the cutest toy mice made by Hartz. So I bought them. Mishwith was old but playfull, but pretty darn stupid. My other cat, Bandit seemed to know something was wrong, so she stayed away from the mice. Mishwith was curious becauase Bandit’s sister, Cassidy was knawing on them. She died soon. So mishwith started tearing them up. Soon he swallowed a piece. I was devistaded when the vet called and said he was dead. Mishwith’s death still haunts me today. But Bandit isv fine.

My dog is not doing well….I HATE HARTZ

I used Hartz flea drops on my chihuahua/shih-tzu mix and now she is drooling and and rubbing her back on the floor! Her gums started swelling and she was vomitting! She keeps coughing and hacking like she has something caught in her throat! She is also trembling ….I have given her two baths and she seems to be doing better after the last but I just hope she pulls through!

Hairball Remedy

In 2005, my cat suffered from seizures, which were preceded by vomiting. She had four in total that year. We saw her primary vet and a neurologist, who found no answers. Her primary vet ask repeatedly if my cat could’ve ingested something poisonous. I mentioned that I’d given her Hartz Hairball Remedy, but my vet seemed skeptical.

After two vet visits and a fourth seizure, I finally determined that the sequence of events were: my cat would vomit, I’d feed her the hairball remedy, then within 24 hours, she’d sieze.

I immediately stopped giving her the hairball remedy and the seizures stopped. However, because of her vet’s skepticism, I assumed that if there was anything wrong with the treatment, that tube was probably an isolated case. This was before all of the pet food issues that have cropped up this year, and in hindsight, I’m so sorry I made that assumption.

I purchased a fresh tube of the hairball remedy and my cat did not seize for more than two years. In August 2007, she had another seizure and I realized immediately that I had given her the treatment that morning. Unfortunately my cat had another illness and was euthanized soon after, so her story ended there.

I cannot say why the treatment did not become toxic until the tubes were half empty. Perhaps the toxic ingredients rose to the top of the tube? I never noticed seizures from a fresh tube. Nevertheless, I will not give my current cat any food or treatment that is not recommended by her vet.

My sympathy goes out to all of those who watched their pets suffer due to the use of these products.

Wash Your Pet Immediately If You Have Used Flea Drops

I noticed that one of my 14 week old kittens was scrathing at his neck quite a bit. His brother hadn’t been scratching, but I decided that it would probably be best to treat them both early to get rid of any fleas they may have. The package the Hartz product came in indicated that the drops would be safe for cats over 12 weeks old and that it also killed flea eggs and their larvae. I assumed that the product would be safe for both kittens. I soon discovered I was wrong. I administered the flea drops to both kittens as directed. Shortly after I did so, I noticed they were both trying to lick their backs between their shoulders as if to remove the product. I became a bit concerned and wanted to make sure that ingesting the product wouldn’t be harmful to them. Since it was late at night, I decided to call the 24-hour emergency clinic/hospital to inquire about the product. Immediately after telling the veterinarian technician what I had put on the kittens and their ages, he put a veterinarian on the telephone. The vet explained that the product (Hartz OneSpot Flea Egg and Larvae Treatment) could be very harmful to my kitties. He instructed me to wash them off immediately with mild soap and warm water and to rinse their backs and any area the drops had gotten onto thoroughly. He also explained the symptoms that I needed to watch for over the next 24 hours. He said to make sure the kittens were not having a hard time walking or keeping their balance. He also told me to watch closely for any tremors, shaking or other odd behavior. The vet explained that the chemicals used in Hartz are too strong and often they have the same effect on cats/kittens as they do on fleas. He also told me that using FrontLine or Advantage brand flea medicines would not only be my safest, but also most effective bet. He explained the difference in the chemicals in such products and how they work so much more effectively. I was so thankful and proceeded to wash my kitties immediately. Please, if you are considering using a similar Hartz product, reconsider. It costs a bit less, but is most definitely not worth the risk. If you have already used this product, please wash your pets if possible and never ever use it again. I wish you the best of luck with your feline and K9 family members!

Dog got sick on the Sargaents Gold Flea/Tick

First, Thank God for this site.

Last night I gave my dog a bath and applied Sargeants Gold Flea/Tick medicine. I bought it and didnt think any thing about it as my dog has never had any reaction to any such medicine before.

He was itching all day today, and by tonight was shaky and was drooling excessively. He is not a particular drooly dog (27 lbs of Dachshund) but he also wouldnt calm down once we got in bed. Also had a mild case of the shakes, though not full on seizures like I have heard here. He also started getting this strange kind of cough, almost like the kennel cough he had when he was a puppy and we first brought him home (he is 8 now).

SO I got up and thought about how the only thing that was different was the flea medicine, searched the internet and found your site by typing the name of the medicine in Google. After seeing that there were some similarities, I decided to bathe him in dish soap (didnt have any Dawn, like most people have used, so I used a generic antibacterial dish soap). He seems much better now, cough subsided immediately, as did the drooling. Still a little ichy but not too bad. So it seems we got away with a mild case and lesson learned.

So thanks for being here, and absolutely this product should at very least have a neon warning label of the possible side effects across the front of the box.