Hartz 3 in 1 Cat Spray (VERY SICK CAT)

I noticed my cat had fleas, so immediately i went to walmart and bought Hartz 3 in 1 Cat Spray… Reading it i actually thought, poisonous and all the info yet it MUST be safe to spray on my cat, well, its a mistake.

Trying to keep this short, My 15 year old very healthy cat Maggie, stopped eating, but drank alot of water, or seemed to try, hovering over water dish, slept alot, weak, stumbly, even kind congested , sneeaing here and there occasionally and just plain drained , and now VERY thin. I checked her Ketones $6 for strips, thinkning diabetic, nope. force fed her a little tuna, little sugar water, but she was not wanting to eat , i kept eye on her tendng to her, she seems responsive, even gets up , out of her basket and would make it to the litter box a accross the bathroom, she ha d liquid diahrhea, and lots of urine that was watery , not much yellow, not condensed like it should. I then talked to vets, an dwas looking at $300+ or more , continued to watch her, 15 and all, not having $300+ , i go out and get baby food and pedialite , she is eating little now, she eats the baby food, like 2 -3 tabloe spoons and last time she pooped its more solid than runny , and she is drinking the pedialite.

Now i decided to research the flea spray and now know , this obviously had poisoned her, so i am upset that this Hartz product is causing many problems, and i am hoping my cat maggie will recover, please inform everyone to never use Hartz.

Sick puppy from Seargents Gold

My one year old miniature schnauzer recieved her first flea and tick squeez -on tretment from Seargetns Gold just last week. We usually use Front Line plus but saved money on this cheaper product. What a mistake… in 2-3 hours the dog was running circles around the house, foaming at the mouth, shaking, crying constantly. I called the vet immediately and she had to be taken in. She spent a day there being treated for a toxic chemical allergy from this product. Her hair fell out in patches, she scratched so much her flanks blead, and she is now on medication for three weeks trying to recover. I was devistated seeing how unhappy and miserable she was. It brought me to tears, and… the money I saved on a cheap flea treatment I spent at the vet! For puppies sake stay away from Seargents Gold flea and tick squeeze on treatment!

Sergeatn’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on for dogs

Last week I purchased Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on for dogs. I applied it to my chihuahua who is 10 years old. She belonged to my grandmother until her death. The next day, I noticed her acting odd. She had pee’d in her carrier the night before. That morning she woke me up whining and crying. I let her outside into our fenced in yard. My mother called me a little while later, telling me there was something wrong with Sweetpea. She was laying outside whining and would not stand on her hind legs. I brought her inside, checked her over really well for any obvious injuries. I saw none. The rest of the day she stayed hidden. She would not come when called, very unusual for her. I never thought it was a reaction to the flea drops! That night, we went out for dinner and could not find her at all when we returned. She had hidden in our bed, pee’d again there. I watched her carefully after that. The box says not to bathe the dog for 24 hours after application. The next morning, she seemed a little bit better, but still odd acting. I washed her in oatmeal flea soap. Afterwards she was acting much better. I wondered if it could have been a reaction to the drops. I found this site and realize now that it was indeed the drops that made her act like that. She wouldnt eat. She wouldnt drink. She whined and cried. She couldnt control her bladder. I was going to take her to the vet after I bathed her if she had not been better. Thank you for this site! More need to hear about this and be aware of the danger in these products!

Flea and tick drops gave my mini dachshund a huge lesion on her back

I once purchased the flea and tick drops when I was out of Advantage. I put the flea and tick drops on my mini dachshund’s back and a few days later she had developed a huge lump on her back where I had put it. I brought her to the vet, thinking that this was a serious emergency, and they warned me never to use the Hartz product again. After a few months the lump went down, but I can’t imagine what type of unsafe chemicals could be in this product to cause such an inflammation.

My kitten is very sick from hartz milk replacer

My little kittens name is Tuffy she is 4 weeks old and is now very sick. We got Hartz milk replacer and gave it to her, she became sick. We took her to the vet and they gave us KMR milk, so we gave her that. then we ran out and began feeding her Hartz again. Now she is very sick she went from being a fun entergetic kitten who loved to play, now all she does is sleep and lie next to my dog. I want to sue these idiots, rust me they will be hearing from me and what I say sure wont be any nice words. I am so scared that something is going to happen to her and I cant stand the thought of this. Now that I know the other stories on here I will not let them kill my cat with this poison!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for makeing this website, I wouldnt have known that its happend to other pets to.

Chow Chow

I applied flea and tick drops to my chow chow Leroy last night. He immediatly started having an adverse reaction. I should have known something was going to go wrong once i opened the container the drops come in, because when i got close to him, he sniffed the air and ran away. I made him come get the drops thinking i was doing him a favor to protect him, which i really ended up doing him harm. He started pacing extremely fast around the island in the kitchen. stopped eating, and stopped drinking water. I decided to sleep in the living room to observe him, I could hear him pacing ALL NIGHT LONG. I figured he would eventually get tired, but no. I let him out in the morning and gave him some ice cold water that he finally drank. I fgured he was fine, until I saw this site. I am at work now, but I am leaving and going to wash him again.

Reaction to Sargeants Gold

Last night I put Sargeants Gold on my 17 pound poodle. It was the appropriate dosage of 9-20 pounds. I had always put Frontline on her before without any problem. During the night she constantly walked around on our bed, just really restless. Today she was jerky, not really seizuring, just walking around in constant circles and jittery. I washed the excess liquid from her back. I have given her benadryl twice. The benadryl helps for about 4 hours. If she is not better in a couple of days I will take her to the vet. It is interesting to read about how many people are having this same problem. I am curious as to whether people are having the same problems with vet prescribed formulas. We have never had any trouble with frontline. I am afraid to use anything after this experience.

used hartz cats are now sick

Hi. My husband and I bought hartz went home and applied it to our two cats. Our one cat tried to lick it off and starting foaming at the mouth and freaking out. We immediatley washed it off ofher. She now has a bald spot in the location where I applied it. My other cat now has a streak of bald and spotted with blood down her back and is still afflcited by fleas. We are taking them to the vet today. I spoke with them on the phone and they said the same thing that everyone else is saying, Hartz kills cats.

Thankyou everyone!!

I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who posted a story on here. Last night I put the second treatment on my cat of the Hartz 2 in 1 drops, I didn’t really think too much about it, although I should have lisened to my vet when he said the Hartz is known to cause seizures in cats, but hes also the type of vet that wants to sell you products to make money. Anyways, I noticed my cat licking between his shoulder blades as if to get the medicine off of him. I kept thinking that can’t be good and went and googled it and ran across this website. After reading all the horror stories I washed off what I could and put a doggy shirt (lol) over it so he couldn’t lick. But thanks everyone if it weren’t for your stories and this website god only knows what my kitty could have gone threw!


My name is Angela Luj I do not wish to be anoyomous and my kitten Baeghira who is three months old had fleas so naturally we tried all the hartz products. Unaware until today that it was deadly. I thank god for watching over us during the drops and the spray yet when we tried the collar last night and then found these websites and took it off, bathing him in some dish soap to get rid of it but within a hour and a half of having it on he had acute diarreha one of the deadly side effects that were located so convieniently one the inside of the box. Right now he is curled beside me as I write this and we are taking him to the vets tommorrow. Unfortunately we live in a area that we cannot get a vet until morning but hopefully he will have no lasting effects as I thank god that this site was available as I shudder to  think of the consequenses with what would have happened had it been left on for longer than the hour and a half. Now that I know what it does I will most assuredly be telling anyone and everyone who will listen about it. i am furious that they get away with selling these toxic chemicals and will be part of the effort in anything I can do to get rid of these horrible products so that no one else will have to go through what I have in the last three hours. I am also praying that there will be no lasting damage to my kitten but if there is I will join the hundreds of others to bankrupt the company and destroy it to the ground where it stands. Thank you for  taking the time to read this and I hope that it makes a difference
~Angela Luj