Sick Terrior

At around 1:00 today (Tuesday) I put 3 teaspoons of Rid Worm Liquid in my dogs food.  She loved it!  After she ate all of her food she seemed fine.  Twenty minutes or so had passed and she was running around like crazy.  She kept jumping at the door so I would take her out; four different times in 15 minutes.  I started cleaning the house and didn’t want to step on her so I put her on the balcony.  I noticed her foaming from the mouth immediately after I put her out there.  She could not  stay still.  The foaming got worse so I gave her some food and water, thinking this would soak up the Rid Worm, but it didn’t.  She started vomiting over and over.  It is now after 5:00 PM and all the vet offices are closed.  We bathed her and have given her plenty of water all evening.  She is so weak and can hardly move now.  Please, if you have any tips to help her, let me know. 

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