I too was a victim to using a Hartz product.  I usually used frontline but was in Wal-mart and thougt I would just pick something up here for this time.  Almost immediately my dog Lexie was not acting quite right.  She was jumpy and acting like something was biting her.  I ignored this and went away for a few hours to come home to her foaming at her mouth.  I was very upset and immediately put her in the bath.  She didn’t want to eat either.  Went to bed but she could not settle down.  Got up with her at 2:oo in the morning to search for this product only to find all of these horrible stories.  I was so upset!  I called the emergency vet and they said to watch for seizures and vomitting.  I read some more stories and took their advise and bathed her again in a antibacterial dish soap and also baking soda.  She seems to be a little better right now.  I will be staying up with her tonight to watch her.  Something has to be done about this.  I could hardly stand to read some of these stragec stories.  I would like to be part of getting these out of the market once and for all!!!!

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