Scooter’s Story

This story is very hard for me to tell, as it has happened through the course of yesterday (Thanksgiving) and today.

I had a dog named Scooter. He was a 1 year old black lab. One of the happiest dogs I had ever seen. He got fleas about 4 months ago, so we bought a Hartz flea collar for him. Well we ended up taking off the collar 5 days after we put it on him. I have no idea how he got a hold of it, but he ate it. Yesterday (Thanksgivng 2007) he was throwing up, drooling slimey stuff (believed to be stomach vile), bloodshot eyes, and was pooping nothing but blood. We moved him into the garage and went to sleep. The next day(today) my mom was at work and I was at home. I checked on him, there was more blood on his blanket, urine on the floor, and he was laying on the ground. My mom came home so we could take him to the vet. He was very weak and limp. We tried to get him to stand up, but he just fell back to the floor. We put him on a blanket and carried him into the car. On the way to the vet he had more blood, and didn’t move. We carried him into the vet’s office and onto the table. The vet checked his temperature, and it was 106. He started to put an I.V. into him, but his stomach stopped moving. The vet checked to see if he was breathing. At the same time slime started dripping out of his nose violently. He had died right there in front of me. It was a very depressing ride home.

I am so happy I have found this website. That flea collar killed my dog, and this shouldn’t have to happen to any other animal. Hartz should be taken off the shelves.

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