NO MORE HARTZ!!!!!!!!!

My mother and I sit on the phone talking about our cats all day, almost everyday.  When I received the phone call from my mother this morning, I was couldn’t believe my ears; Trouble, her cat, was dead.  He was fine the last time we spoke.  My mother asked me what did I use for prevention and I told her Hartz. Iv’e been using Hartz 3-in-1 flea and tick drops on Sox, my cat, for about six months with no problem, that I know of.  She said she used it last month and didn’t notice any symptoms but when she used it Monday evening, by Tuesday he started vomitting and later that night she found him dead.  I’m so lost for words after finding more Hartz victims.  Now I have t call her and tell her it was my fault.  He was all she had after I left home.  I’m never using this product again and I will be sure to spread the word. 

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