Hartz Scare

My husband and I have 2 cats and a small dog. One of our cats is an out door cat and came home and spread the love to our other 2 animals with fleas. On our Sunday grocery shop we bought the Hartz flea treatment that you put between their shoulder baldes, thinking nothing of it because surely its fine if its in our grocery store. I put it on our small cat Molly to start. She immediately took 2 licks and did before I could get to her. I looked on the box and it said "Harmful if swallowed" I totally started to freak out. My husband called the emergency vet and told us to bring her in ASAP. We waited an hour just to see if she was ok and the first sign of something wrong we would take her. After talking to the vet and watching Molly like a hawk I started searching the web and was horrified as to all the stories I was reading. We gave Molly a bath right away and I made her a sweater out of a sock. We were very lucky that she was ok (we call her Molly the Miracle Cat)….and threw out the rest of the Hartz product right away. How can stores and supermarkets, that I trust for my pets, carry these products. I am sickened and furious that this is still going on. What can we do to stop this? Something needs to be done so this doesnt happen to more innocent animals!

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