Sick puppy from Seargents Gold

My one year old miniature schnauzer recieved her first flea and tick squeez -on tretment from Seargetns Gold just last week. We usually use Front Line plus but saved money on this cheaper product. What a mistake… in 2-3 hours the dog was running circles around the house, foaming at the mouth, shaking, crying constantly. I called the vet immediately and she had to be taken in. She spent a day there being treated for a toxic chemical allergy from this product. Her hair fell out in patches, she scratched so much her flanks blead, and she is now on medication for three weeks trying to recover. I was devistated seeing how unhappy and miserable she was. It brought me to tears, and… the money I saved on a cheap flea treatment I spent at the vet! For puppies sake stay away from Seargents Gold flea and tick squeeze on treatment!

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