Sergeatn’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on for dogs

Last week I purchased Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on for dogs. I applied it to my chihuahua who is 10 years old. She belonged to my grandmother until her death. The next day, I noticed her acting odd. She had pee’d in her carrier the night before. That morning she woke me up whining and crying. I let her outside into our fenced in yard. My mother called me a little while later, telling me there was something wrong with Sweetpea. She was laying outside whining and would not stand on her hind legs. I brought her inside, checked her over really well for any obvious injuries. I saw none. The rest of the day she stayed hidden. She would not come when called, very unusual for her. I never thought it was a reaction to the flea drops! That night, we went out for dinner and could not find her at all when we returned. She had hidden in our bed, pee’d again there. I watched her carefully after that. The box says not to bathe the dog for 24 hours after application. The next morning, she seemed a little bit better, but still odd acting. I washed her in oatmeal flea soap. Afterwards she was acting much better. I wondered if it could have been a reaction to the drops. I found this site and realize now that it was indeed the drops that made her act like that. She wouldnt eat. She wouldnt drink. She whined and cried. She couldnt control her bladder. I was going to take her to the vet after I bathed her if she had not been better. Thank you for this site! More need to hear about this and be aware of the danger in these products!

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