Reaction to Sargeants Gold

Last night I put Sargeants Gold on my 17 pound poodle. It was the appropriate dosage of 9-20 pounds. I had always put Frontline on her before without any problem. During the night she constantly walked around on our bed, just really restless. Today she was jerky, not really seizuring, just walking around in constant circles and jittery. I washed the excess liquid from her back. I have given her benadryl twice. The benadryl helps for about 4 hours. If she is not better in a couple of days I will take her to the vet. It is interesting to read about how many people are having this same problem. I am curious as to whether people are having the same problems with vet prescribed formulas. We have never had any trouble with frontline. I am afraid to use anything after this experience.

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