Our cat Cassidy is gone.

We got our cat from a box in front of a grocery store in Carefree, Az. My daughter was 2 at the time. Cassidy was only 3 weeks. She was a great cat! Sweet, intelligent, she would play games with us like climbing on the roof and then following us around while we were outside until we "saved" her. She ruled our house and kept our two dogs in their place!

I am writing because Cassidy died yesterday. She was almost 13 years old, a beautiful abysinnian. We recently got a puppy from our son, and he came with fleas. We treated him, and then eventually had to treat the other animals. I had an old package of flea medicine in my cupboard, and used it because it was late, and I wanted to "get rid of those fleas now!" That medication was of course from Hartz. I noticed her licking her self, but didn’t think too much of it because she was so large, that she really couldn’t reach the area where the medicine was at. After about a week, we bathed her, and then applied advantage. However shortly there after she quit eating, and slowly lost weight. It took a while to realize exactly what I had done. We took her to the vet, and after tests found out that she had indeed been poisoned. They treated her for her liver infection, and we spent the next two weeks trying to feed her with a syringe, just trying to keep her going long enough, hoping that she would pull through. She died in my arms, gasping for breath.

Please do not use this product, and if you have get immediate attention!! Do not hesitate!! I don’t know what the solution is, there may not be one, but don’t wait. If I had noticed sooner, maybe she would still be alive today.

Hartz is not the only product that uses this poison, it is called Phenothrin, and it is in over 1500 products that people use all the time. Not suprising is that it is in ant and roach killer as well as rat poison. Imagine using something that you would kill a rat on your pets. Any company who would sell something like this should be ashamed. I will tell everyone I know about this.

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