Hartz 3 in 1 Cat Spray (VERY SICK CAT)

I noticed my cat had fleas, so immediately i went to walmart and bought Hartz 3 in 1 Cat Spray… Reading it i actually thought, poisonous and all the info yet it MUST be safe to spray on my cat, well, its a mistake.

Trying to keep this short, My 15 year old very healthy cat Maggie, stopped eating, but drank alot of water, or seemed to try, hovering over water dish, slept alot, weak, stumbly, even kind congested , sneeaing here and there occasionally and just plain drained , and now VERY thin. I checked her Ketones $6 for strips, thinkning diabetic, nope. force fed her a little tuna, little sugar water, but she was not wanting to eat , i kept eye on her tendng to her, she seems responsive, even gets up , out of her basket and would make it to the litter box a accross the bathroom, she ha d liquid diahrhea, and lots of urine that was watery , not much yellow, not condensed like it should. I then talked to vets, an dwas looking at $300+ or more , continued to watch her, 15 and all, not having $300+ , i go out and get baby food and pedialite , she is eating little now, she eats the baby food, like 2 -3 tabloe spoons and last time she pooped its more solid than runny , and she is drinking the pedialite.

Now i decided to research the flea spray and now know , this obviously had poisoned her, so i am upset that this Hartz product is causing many problems, and i am hoping my cat maggie will recover, please inform everyone to never use Hartz.

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