Chow Chow

I applied flea and tick drops to my chow chow Leroy last night. He immediatly started having an adverse reaction. I should have known something was going to go wrong once i opened the container the drops come in, because when i got close to him, he sniffed the air and ran away. I made him come get the drops thinking i was doing him a favor to protect him, which i really ended up doing him harm. He started pacing extremely fast around the island in the kitchen. stopped eating, and stopped drinking water. I decided to sleep in the living room to observe him, I could hear him pacing ALL NIGHT LONG. I figured he would eventually get tired, but no. I let him out in the morning and gave him some ice cold water that he finally drank. I fgured he was fine, until I saw this site. I am at work now, but I am leaving and going to wash him again.

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