My beloved Oscar Myer

I wasn’t aware of any problem with Hartz until today.   I’ve learned from this site I killed my own baby Oscar by using Hartz products.  I have/had 2 long hair dachshunds.  Oscar was the oldest at 10 years and was very laid back.  I’d been having troubles with both of them having the worse case of flea infestation that they have ever had.  At the time I was using Frontline I was getting it from eBay.  I contacted the Seller and made him aware the treatment was not killing the fleas.  I then went to Petco and bought more Frontline thinking I bought outdated product from eBay.  This too did not get rid of the fleas.  I then started bathing them in flea and tick shampoo.  This subsided the fleas for a short period of time.  Last Sunday, Nov 11, 2007, I purchased a Hartz Flea & Tick spray.  When I got home I sprayed and brushed both dogs with this product.  I noticed Oscar immediately started panting non stop.  After about 1 hour I took his water bowl to him to try to get him to drink.  He just continued to pant as if he just ran a race and refused the water.  He continued this for about 2 hours until I was ready to go upstairs for the night.  Once we were upstairs I finally realized his panting was beyond the normal pant.  I laid him in my bed and ran to get a wet wash cloth in hopes of calming him down.  It was then I realized his tongue was blue and his eyes were dilated.  I called my son for help and he ran to my house within minutes.  In the interium I continue to blow in his mouth and pat him down with a wet wash cloth.  I turn on a bedside fan and laid him in front of it in an attempt to force air into his lungs.  Its when I turned him back on his stomach he stopped panting and calmed down.  I started petting him and realized he was making hiccupping like motions.  I looked at his stomach and quickly realized he wasn’t breathing.  My son and friend arrive just then swooped him up and hauled ass to the Animal Hospital.  The Vet tried to revive him but it was too late.  I wonder how Hartz corporate excutives can sleep at night. Perhaps if it were possible to spray their children down with a comparable type product  they would think twice about killing others family members for the sake of the old mighty dollars.  Greeedy SOB’s you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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