My name is Angela Luj I do not wish to be anoyomous and my kitten Baeghira who is three months old had fleas so naturally we tried all the hartz products. Unaware until today that it was deadly. I thank god for watching over us during the drops and the spray yet when we tried the collar last night and then found these websites and took it off, bathing him in some dish soap to get rid of it but within a hour and a half of having it on he had acute diarreha one of the deadly side effects that were located so convieniently one the inside of the box. Right now he is curled beside me as I write this and we are taking him to the vets tommorrow. Unfortunately we live in a area that we cannot get a vet until morning but hopefully he will have no lasting effects as I thank god that this site was available as I shudder to  think of the consequenses with what would have happened had it been left on for longer than the hour and a half. Now that I know what it does I will most assuredly be telling anyone and everyone who will listen about it. i am furious that they get away with selling these toxic chemicals and will be part of the effort in anything I can do to get rid of these horrible products so that no one else will have to go through what I have in the last three hours. I am also praying that there will be no lasting damage to my kitten but if there is I will join the hundreds of others to bankrupt the company and destroy it to the ground where it stands. Thank you for  taking the time to read this and I hope that it makes a difference
~Angela Luj

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