Hairball Remedy

In 2005, my cat suffered from seizures, which were preceded by vomiting. She had four in total that year. We saw her primary vet and a neurologist, who found no answers. Her primary vet ask repeatedly if my cat could’ve ingested something poisonous. I mentioned that I’d given her Hartz Hairball Remedy, but my vet seemed skeptical.

After two vet visits and a fourth seizure, I finally determined that the sequence of events were: my cat would vomit, I’d feed her the hairball remedy, then within 24 hours, she’d sieze.

I immediately stopped giving her the hairball remedy and the seizures stopped. However, because of her vet’s skepticism, I assumed that if there was anything wrong with the treatment, that tube was probably an isolated case. This was before all of the pet food issues that have cropped up this year, and in hindsight, I’m so sorry I made that assumption.

I purchased a fresh tube of the hairball remedy and my cat did not seize for more than two years. In August 2007, she had another seizure and I realized immediately that I had given her the treatment that morning. Unfortunately my cat had another illness and was euthanized soon after, so her story ended there.

I cannot say why the treatment did not become toxic until the tubes were half empty. Perhaps the toxic ingredients rose to the top of the tube? I never noticed seizures from a fresh tube. Nevertheless, I will not give my current cat any food or treatment that is not recommended by her vet.

My sympathy goes out to all of those who watched their pets suffer due to the use of these products.

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