Dog got sick on the Sargaents Gold Flea/Tick

First, Thank God for this site.

Last night I gave my dog a bath and applied Sargeants Gold Flea/Tick medicine. I bought it and didnt think any thing about it as my dog has never had any reaction to any such medicine before.

He was itching all day today, and by tonight was shaky and was drooling excessively. He is not a particular drooly dog (27 lbs of Dachshund) but he also wouldnt calm down once we got in bed. Also had a mild case of the shakes, though not full on seizures like I have heard here. He also started getting this strange kind of cough, almost like the kennel cough he had when he was a puppy and we first brought him home (he is 8 now).

SO I got up and thought about how the only thing that was different was the flea medicine, searched the internet and found your site by typing the name of the medicine in Google. After seeing that there were some similarities, I decided to bathe him in dish soap (didnt have any Dawn, like most people have used, so I used a generic antibacterial dish soap). He seems much better now, cough subsided immediately, as did the drooling. Still a little ichy but not too bad. So it seems we got away with a mild case and lesson learned.

So thanks for being here, and absolutely this product should at very least have a neon warning label of the possible side effects across the front of the box.

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