My Cat is in the hospital

How can these products be in stores??? I purchased a Hartz flea powder to use on my carpets and followed the instruction specifically. I swept my carpet numerous times and left my windows open to let my house air out. After letting my cat back into the rooms where I used to powder I noticed she started to get sluggish and she was twitching….soon after she began to vomit white foam…I didn’t know what to do and thought it could be a reaction to her revolution that I used on her earlier that day. Last night I took her to the emergency vet after the vomiting wouldn’t stop. This morning she is still there and still not eating or drinking….I just pray that she is going to be ok….especially after reading all these stories. I just became aware of the issues with the Hartz company last night after my vet told me…I came home and found this website….what can be done??? The $700.00 I spent last night isn’t the issue. Its the animals that are suffering and dying and nothing can be done about it? This just isn’t right…..Say a little prayer for my kitty Clover :*(

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