hartz scare

It all started I was petting my sweet kitty and I looked down and he was crawling with bugs, when I looked closer I realized that they were fleas I freaked. I have never in my life even seen a pet that had fleas!! So of couse I ran out a bought the first thing I could find, it was the hartz flea spray for cats. So I put it on both my cats one was 1 year old and the other 6 months, I left it for a day my older cat milo just sat and stared at me as if he was trying to tell me somthing!! My younger cat chole was drooling all over the place so I put them in the sink and bathed them with dish soap I didn’t think anything was wrong I was just going with my insinict and what milo was telling me!! Thank god I did after reading the stories on here they could have both died in maybe a few hours if I didn’t get that nasty stuff off of them, these people should be shot for what they have done to all these poor people, all they are trying to do is help there pets not KILL them!!! I will NEVER buy hartz or any flea products for my cat AGAIN!!! A flea comb and dish soap works great as long as you treat your home with the proper stuff that kills al the flea life cycles, IGR and permethrin as long as your cats and pets are far away from the crap you will be fine!! I hope something is done to prevent this from happening to other pet owners!!

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