2 in 1 flea and tick kills

I think it is time that this nonsence is taken to court. I am sitting here, this very moment as i hold my dying kitten. He was peppered in fleas, and so i very gently rubed the 2 in 1 flea treatment (spray), watered down onto his skin, i bathed his as you would normally bath a kitten, blow dyred him to prevent hypothermia, and within the hour he was unable to walk,had lost (it seemed) most feeling on one side of his body, made no noise, and has just been laying here doing nothing, fighting…its been 6hrs and hes still breathing, but im sure he will not make it until morning….Why isnt something being done about this…the more i read into it online the more i learned how harmful, and toxic it is, to both animals and humans. Why are were able to buy this for our pets, and more so, why are they storing it in the kitten section, so that it is understood to be safe for animals when it is cleary not! I am pissed, and he better live!

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