1 dead, 1paralyzed, 1sick

I only now found out about these awareness sights, and unfortunately too late. A few years ago I had a kitten that began to have tremors and luckily I realized that it may have something to do with the Hartz drops I had used, so I rinsed her off and she was ok. Never used the productagain, but this weekend, my friend called me, hysterical. Her kitty was in the midst of a full on seizure, bit her tongue off, lost her bowels, began bleeding from mouth and eyes. My friends 5 yr old daughter found the kitty and brought her to mom. She ran out ofher house without even her shoes and was desperately looking for an open vet. The kitty died, she was too far gone when she arrived. While my friend was there she got a cll informing her thather other kitty was now seizing. I flew to the house and grabbed that kitty, and met her at the hospital. They were awaiting us with a room and meds ready, hoping wegot her there in time. The vet asked us ifwe had used hartz or seagents on the cats, which she had. They informed us that they see several deaths a week in their hospital alone! We were astonished. How could a product that kills so many innocent animals, at the hand of their own blind faith owners, be allowed on the shelves? Thesecond cat has survived, so far, but is temporarily paralyzed. She cannot walk or control her bowels or bladder. Why is this product legal? Why is there not sufficient warning? Why aren’t they being held responsible?

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