Just wondering about any Warnings on the packaging

I didn’t know what topic to put this under, it’s just a question.

I was told by someone that there is a warning on Hartz products that says, "not safe to use on cats", is this true? I have only used Frontline on my dog and have never even picked up a Hartz package of any kind. Can someone enlighten me?


safe flea remedy

I just wanted to write a quick THANK YOU to the person who wrote in on this site with a safe flea solution. She had said to mix a half cup of vinegar with a half cup of water. I printed out her directions and followed them. It worked perfectly!! I washed away dead fleas and I flushed living fleas down the drain. My new puppy is completely flea-free and healthy!

Thank You So Much!!

Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick spray killed my dog today!

We need get the word out about a DANGEROUS pet product that killed our dog this morning. It is sold on every shelf at pet and grocery stores. HARTZ 2 in 1 flea and tick dog spray!
Three days ago our family purchased this product and followed the instructions on the bottle. Three of our dogs were sprayed with the product. The product was strong. 30 minutes after spraying my dog, I broke out in hives and a rash. The product also removed my nail polish and had removed the dye from the shoes I had been wearing! After seeing this we bathed our dogs to try and get the product off. Then, my mother did a search for Hartz online to try to find their website and came upon several site warning that Hartz flea products had been killing dogs! There is a warning on the bottle, not to use the product on old, pregnant or nursing dogs. It does not warn that it could harm or kill healthy animals.
For two days we bathed our dogs, but it was not enough. The damage had already been done. Our dog, Buddy died this moring. He was a 7 year old German Shepard/Lab mix (a good sized dog) and extremely healthy. He was eating normally, playing, seemed fine. He had not displayed any sign of illness, and the only variable to his life was the flea spray. I have made vet appointment for the other two dogs. But when I called our vet to tell them what had happened, I was informed that this was a common occurance! The quote was "We’ve had lots of pet owners come in and say Hartz products have killed their dogs. We never reccomned it." Advice that was too late for us. I regret that we didn’t see this site until it was too late.
PLEASE let EVERYONE know that this is a Killer.

Hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick dog spray


We thought that we were helping our dog, he seemed so frustrated with the fleas. So we did what we thought best to do. we bought Hartz 2 in 1 flea and tick dog spray, and used as directed and 3 of our dogs that were constanly scrathing with fleas. Not knowing all the other Helpless animals that have been kill from this horrible product. About two days later my mom started to read about all the victums of Hartz, and instantly began to give them all baths. and now this morning i wake up to one of my dogs fast asleep never to awake again. im sorry if this is hard to understand. i am too upset to type and i am furious that this is a known problem with this company and it remains on the shelf.


I used Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick squeeze on for dogs, and my 7 year old Chihuahua, Pinky, had a bad allergic reaction. It started about 1.5-2 hours after application. She started scratching at her face, then about 20 minutes later, she couldn’t even sit still, and she was breathing very heavily. So, I rinsed her off, but she was still throwing herself on the gound and itching like crazy. So I called the number on the back of the Sergeants box, the lasy I spoke with said that the product had just irritated my Pinky’s skin, and that it was nothing that could harm her organs or anything. She told me to wash her with Dawn and then apply vitamin E oil to her back. After doing all of the above, Pinky was still very itch and couldn’t even sit still for a couple of seconds. So I took her to the Emergency vet, he told us she had an allergic reaction to the Sergeants, and that she was very lucky because it could have been a whole lot worse. He gave he 2 injections, a steroid and an antihistamine. He told us that Pinky would be very uncomfortable through the night, and she was. I felt so bad for her, she couldn’t sleep. She kept moving and moving and trying to stop the itching. Now her little eyes are swollen. I HATE SERGEANTS! Their products should be pulled off the market!!!!!

BEWARE**Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick

Treated My 6yr old Collie Mix with Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick….Followed the directions on box..5 Hours later he became very ill, shaking, drooling and vomiting for hours. I brought him my Vet and was told that the flea medication was very harsh and toxic. My dog was poisoned by this product.
He was given Atropine to conteract the poison and scrubbed down to remove all residue of this product. Cost me time/money and worry but my dog is okay. I will never again use any of this Companies Products.

Hartz Mountain any thing

My cat Figaro has never in his life had fleas, until I moved into my sons home and his Great Dane brought them into the house. This has been a night mare from he**! I gave him a bath with the Hartz Mountain Foaming flea and tic. And, on top of that when I was done with that and had him dried I put a 2 in 1 flea collar on him… Little did I know that he would have this kind of reaction!!!! Had I known or felt he was in danger I would have never left him for the weekend and gone to my sisters. I went home today to check the litter box and to make sure he had fresh water and dry cat food.While there he howled something horrible and went into distress. He had a hard time breathing and my sister and I believe he had a convolsion. She immediatly gave him cpr and mouth to mouth. He managed to regain some senses back. Once we got him to her house and about an hour later after I gave him a bath, he had another one. Its now been three hours and hes sleeping but I wonder if he will have more?

I for one will NEVER use any thing that says Hartz Mountain on it ever again. To even think about what I have done to my cat is horrifying!

How much trouble would one get into if they went into any of the stores tht sold this and posted signs on the product about the effects it could have on peoples pets? May the local news will be interested in Hartz Mountain and the problems that it can cause…

Concerned and a whole lot irratated…

I am so darned lucky and my cat even more so

I put Hartz flea drops on all my cats. My scaredy cat(I have 4 cats) started foaming at the mouth(he has never done this before) and started tilting his head to the side almost like a muscle spasm. I just thought he was stressing out and the liquid was making him uncomfortable as it was maybe dripping down his neck to one side, it didn’t look like it was but i couldn’t tell since he has long fur. Loving my cat as I do, I wasn’t going to let him stress out so I immediately grabbed the Dawn dish soap since we were in the kitchen and washed it off of him. I watched him for a few hours and he was acting odd but ok. By morning he was fine thank goodness. The next morning another cat of mine started losing all the hair on his neck where I had put the drops. I decided then and there that I would get it off all four of them and washed them all with dawn. Little did I know that this stuff is toxic. I checked the Hartz website and it said nothing even though the packaging says to go there to look for more info on harm to pets. I didn’t find this website until about 2 months later when my cats had fleas again. I was searching for an alternative to what i had used before to ensure my cats would be happy. In my searching, I found many people who said their vet said to immediately wash the Hartz medication off with Dawn of all things. THANK YOU LUCK!!!!THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Fortunately, my cat showed signs right away and I acted on my instincts and my cats are fine. But had there not been people out there on the web, here and elsewhere, I may have used it again in a different form(collars, carpet sprays, etc) thinking that would be ok! THANK YOU all for your stories and I am so sorry for those of you who have lost a precious pet. I am sickened by all the big money grubbing companies out there that do not stop peddling poisons. Whether it be flea medicine, diet drinks and sugar alternatives, or whatever it may be. SHAME ON THEM and I hope karma is for real!

HARTZ flea drops AND 2 in 1 spray

We bought a puppy yesterday from a disgusting shop. He was cute and we were happy to rescue him, BUT he had fleas. I bought the 2 in 1 flea spray from HARTZ for him and HARTZ flea and tick drops for my 14 year old cat. I sprayed the pup, like the directions said and gave my cat the treatment, like the directions said. The pup appears fine (although he didn’t eat breakfast or lunch yet), My cat stretched and squirmed to lick at the area. The next morning, she had no appetite and kept trying to hide in the strangest hiding places. I thought she was just mad at me for getting the puppy (and i’m sure she is) but, this cat never went anywhere but her littler box until this morning. Casey walked over to me and clear fluid just came out of her behind, all over the carpet. She was telling me that something was wrong. I called the vet. They said to get her in right away. They washed her with dawn and ran bloodwork. So far she hasn’t seized. She’s weak. The vet said to go home and wash the puppy with dawn, as well. I just lost a dog to cancer. and now my 14 year old cat is away from me at the vet’s because I thought I was doing her a favor by giving her a flea treatment. HARTZ SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!!

Decon Poison nullified by Dandilion Root Herb

My dog, a 35 lb mixed husky/sheltie, ate 6 boxes of Decon Rat Poison a few years ago. It happened when Decon had just changed their formulation from an "instant kill" to a "time delayed" kill of a week. That means the rodents would eat it and the effects wouldn’t show up in their bodies until a week later.

My (then) roommate and I had found all of the boxes laying around the room and since we didn’t know about the time delay, we just kept watching the dog. When nothing happened within a few days we assumed he hadn’t ingested much, if any of it. We actually had no idea of how much product was packaged into each box, so couldn’t estimate by volume or amount still laying around on floor. (There wasn’t much on the floor at all, actually)

6 days later, (on a sunday), my dog began to hemmorage lightly from his rectum and as the day progressed he reached the point where he couldn’t stand. All of the vets offices in my neck of the woods were closed. That night my dog lay under my kitchen table, too weak to get up. Then his neck began to swell. And swell. And swell. His collar began to strangle him and I took it off. His neck continued to swell until his tongue was protruding from his mouth and he was laboring hard to breath.

I use herbs extensively for myself and decided to try them on my dog. There was nothing to lose. He was going to die if I didn’t try to do something. I took the last 3 capsules of dandilion herb powder (Dandlion Root is an organ cleansing herb) I had, opened each capsule up and mixed the powder into a few tablespoons of boiling hot water. I let the solution cool to lukewarm and then fed half of it to my dog. A half hour later I gave him the rest of what was left.

I stayed up until I couldn’t stay awake any longer and then went to bed.
The next morning my dog was no where to be found. He had left the kitchen. In a panic I ran through the house calling him. He came out of a bedroom and walked over to me. He looked weak but his neck was back down to normal. I bundled him up and took him to the vet. All the vet could do was give him vitamin K shots to help coagulate his blood. She gave me some vitamin K pills to give him each day at home. After I took my dog home, I went to a herbal shop in a nearby town and they recommended I give him a mixture called "Spring Tonic" to clear the poison out of his system. For the next 5 weeks my dog drank Spring Tonic Tea and by the end of those 5 weeks, he was well. I still have him with me today.