Wow. I’m not alone.

As i read alot of stories on here, I guess I am really lucky. I purchased hartz flea medicine in august 2007 and used only half the dosage even though i was suppose to use it all. I went to work and came home about 10 hours after applying the flea med. I was shocked. Both my dogs where throwing up foam, seizures, loss control of all body functions. I rushed them into the vets office and told them I only used HALF of what i was suppose to use and something is wrong. The vet informed me this happens alot with hartz because they do not regulate their flea meds. Lucky for my babies they came close to death, but after numerous iv fluid bags and meds they recovered. The vet informed me that if i would have waited or used the actual whole dosage they would have been dead.

I am just shocked that this is still going on and nothing is done. I thought i was alone, but I’m not. I would join any law suit to help stop them. I still have the package and my vet bills. Email me at [email protected]

Hartz Flea and Tick Drops

I thought I was doing a good thing by putting Hartz Flea and Tick Drops on my cat and my dog (both adults) each month to prevent fleas. But it seems I was slowly killing them. My cat became sick first…he was lethargic and wouldn’t eat. Our Big, Beautiful 25 pound cat only weighed 10 pounds when we took him to the vet and was also very jaundiced. The vet told us that day that the flea drops were to blame for his liver damage. Within a week our happy-go-lucky dog started have seizures and was lethargic. Upon taking him to the vet he also had liver damage from the flea drops. The flea drops are the only thing in common that these 2 animals have. They do not eat the same food or even use the same shampoos. The flea medicine was only link between the two. Luckily after visiting the vet, being put on medicine, and spending a large amount of money, we caught it in time, they are both recovering nicely. But it could have easily turned out the other way!

heartz ultra guard flea drops killed my Cat

I followed the directions and applied Heartz flea drops to my adult 1 1/2 year old blind cat and one hour later she was having terrible seizures so we rushed her to the emergency vet . After 1 day and a $700 vet bill they could not save her. I called Heartz and they gave me a case number and requested a autopsey at there expense . Has any one had any luck with legal action This product needs to off the market !!

Bird died

I would like to spread the word that I bought the Hartz ADVANCED CARE™ Daily Multi-Vitamins for my wonderful little bird. I gave him fresh food and put some of these vitamins on his seeds. The print is so small I couldn’t see the dosage on the bottle. That day he died. He was only 4 and very healthy. I have found NOTHING on the bottle, packaging or website that it could be toxic if I gave him to much. My opinion is that it is Hartz ADVANCED CARE Daily Multi-Vitamins that killed him.

Calypso I will miss you! You were a wonderful companion.

Help !!my sweet blind cat is still fighting for her life!!

I had no idea that hartz flea drops where so dangerous and toxic to cats ! I would have never used it on my sweet 2 year old blind cat . I just left the vet and not sure if she is going to make it but I am so damn mad that Hartz still sells this crab that is killing cats . I think something needs to be done to prevent this from hapening to ohter cats and kittens not to mention my $1200 vet bill ! Would love some advice !!

Rug Burn

On Saturday October 6, 2007 I purchases Hartz 2 in 1 flea spray for my 2 yr old yellow labador. I sprayed alittle on her back and near her tail where she was itching I thought i would be safe to use because she only had a few fleas after I sprayed her she went crazy rubbing her body against the rug and then she started throwing herself against the floor it looked like she was having a seizure.. Now she has rug burn on her nose and each side of her eyes. Me and a family member had to put her in the tub at 11:30 p.m. to relax her and put some ice on her nose because it was so red, now her eyes have sores on each side of her face.. I WILL NEVER TRUST ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS AGAIN.

3 in 1 advanced flea and tick control

Hi all I have a 9 year old beautiful grey cat named Star she is a victim of HArtz flea collar she broke out in a case of fleas due to this sudden urge to burst out the door and so 2 weeks ago I applied the collar and lastnight noticed as she sat meowing at me determined to get my attention her neck has been burned right around to the skin.
Then of course i removed the collar immediately and noticed it to had been bleeding almost as though it was more then a reaction but more so a burn.
So I scanned her body and also noticed at the underside of the base of her tail is also gone bald where she would have had no choice to bathe herself.
I am appauled that this company can get away with this I was once a true and trusted hartz fan but not anymore I will urge anyone i know to not purchase these products.
This product is a purple collar called Hartz advanced care 3 in 1 control collar for cats.

My new puppy..

I had just gotten a new puppy named Jasmin. I had gone to the local
store and bought her a new flea collar. As soon as i put it on her she
started itching really bad and then she started to cry alot and acting
wierd. But as soon as i took the collar off she acted somewhat normal
but she kept itching her neck only. I then looked the product up
ionline and realized how aweful this product is. I am lucky to have
realized there was a problem as soon as i did. =[. I want to help take
these off the shelves before other familys are hurt by the products.

My precious kitty died a horrible death

Yesterday I used the Hartz drops for fleas on my 16 week old kitten. She started foaming at the mouth and running around erratically. Then she went into convulsions. I sped her to the vet (on Sunday) and she died several hours later after agonizing convulsions. I hate Hartz and will never buy any of its products again. I have had both cats and dogs for 30 years and my pets mean the world to me. If I could face a Hartz exec right now I’d slug him. I’ve been crying all morning. I hope the people who run Hartz choke on their damn profits. Heartbroken, Beth

Hartz killed my family cat

On Sept 27th I used Hartz 2 in 1 flea drops on my miniture daschund and I put our family cat away for 24 hours as a friend told me to. That next day I let my cat out of the room to eat and be with the kids. Later that day my cat was acting funny. Not being her usual self. I was told by my children that the cat and dog layed next to each other as they do any other time. I took her to a vet and they said she must of got some of the flea chemicals on her fur and licked it off. The Dr. said there isn’t a biotic or any other medication that could help her. On Oct.1st sadly my cat passed away. On the 2nd I called the medical line for Hartz and all they could do is an autopsy and a cremation for me. It would take 60 days to approve this. As any pet owner my thoughts were " You want me to keep a dead animal in my home for 60 days" I couldn’t believe that they said that. Now i’m starting a class action suit. I hope they can afford alot of peoples misery. If you would like to join me please email me at [email protected]