my 2 cats

I have 2 cats. One a 1 1/2 years old the other 6 months. I just game them a bath today and they were cleaning each other and the next think I knew they were both having siezers. I took them to the 24 hour pet hospital and they started work right away. they have to stay the night tonight. Before i could leave them there i had to pre pay the hospital before any more action will take affect. Because of the shampoo they are both very sick. tremors, enlarged puples and just seizing. I will know how they are doing in the morning in about 9 hours. My adult cat is looking better but my kitten is having a hard time. I will be getting ahold of this company to tell them what they have done to my cats! We will be taking leagal action if we do not here a response! i just paid the vet almost 13 hundred dollars for they work they are doing to these guys to keep them alive. Because of the seizers they may have some brain damage but i will not know intill the morning. please do not use any kind of cat flea and tick shampoo. the best thing is to get something from your vet. any questions?? e-mail [email protected] i will share this to all i can to prevent this from happining to another family!

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