Flea Drops are horrible!

My puppy, who is exclusively an indoor puppy, became a home for fleas after a brief escape outside. I’ve treated her at home with various products available at local retail stores. All was going well until I used Sergeant’s gold flea & tick squeeze-on for dogs. She became ill and foamed at the mouth. I referenced the box to see if there were poison control indicators and I found that the only indicators were for humans accidentally ingesting the poison. All cautionary symptons referenced humans–not the animal treated. The only mention was the potential for irritation. I first searched the Internet to look for other pet owner’s experiences. Was this a common reaction or should I take her to the vet? Medications must list precautions to human but why don’t those medicins that are marketed for pets list precautions exclusive to those pets. The hotline on the box only tells a person to take their dog to the vet, which I did. She was treated for dehydration and was bathed several times to eliminate the squeeze-on treatment. Do not use these poisons!! Consult your vet if you must and let your vet recommend a product and monitor its use. Your pet is worth it!

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